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New Product Development by Mind Map: New Product Development

1. I.)Natural and Organic- Nowadays consumers turn their backs away from processed foods and they become more aware and concerned with what is in the products.Organic products and produce play a very important part as they are grown without use of any chemicals, antibiotics, hormones, synthetic fertelizers and instead are 'honest'- homegrown and as 'nature intented'.

2. I.)Sugar Low-Reducing sugar content is of upmost importance.From removal of excess sugars in products to replacing them with other sweet but healthier alternatives.

3. fire cider is a non alcoholic drink that uses natural ingredients to help colds and flu There are lots of different types and can be mixed into salads, with tea, hot water, juice etc

4. chicken sausage rolls-chicken is lean and they could have added flavours like hot sauce or spices/veg added. seen as a snack.

5. Sweet potato gluten free brownies with ground almonds ? - snack pack to share ?

5.1. Ready to eat food

5.1.1. snack pack to share Packaging + Portion size and Price ??

5.2. Mintel Finds Gluten-Free Trend Still on the Rise

5.2.1. ''The quality of gluten-free foods in particular has increased over time as manufacturers improve the taste, texture, and ingredients in these products. Many consumers recognize this shift in quality and are willing to pay more for gluten-free products.'' (

5.2.2. ''recent research from Mintel, it’s not just the gluten-intolerant who are filling their carts with wheat-free products. 65 percent of consumers who eat or used to eat gluten-free foods do so because they think they are healthier, and 27 percent eat them because they feel they aid in their weight loss efforts.'' (

5.3. Ingridients : Maple syroup instead of sugar-maple syrup has many properties that are good for the body, making it a sweetener plus a healthy boost.

5.4. Gluten-Free Brownies on market - Sweet and Savoury.- Tesco - In Tesco only one product of Gluten Free brownies can be found which is the Tesco The Finest Gluten Free Belgian Chocolate Brownie,This product is priced at3..99 euros per pack and also eachpack contains5 brownies at 33 grams.There is a gap in sweet and savoury products that can be also made Gluten Free.

5.5. Shelf-Life- BROWNIE MIX Shelf life: 9 months BROWNIES -After baking, brownies may be wrapped tightly and frozen for up to 2 months. Our Product would be prepared and packed Fresh and its Shelf Life would be 4-5 Days.

5.6. plant based brownies using a pea protein powder aswell as sweet potato

5.6.1. Peas may be a trendy protein source you’re about to see everywhere, but they’re also a super solid one you can feel good about adding to your shopping cart. hpps:// Makes 10 brownies – 2 medium to large sweet potatoes (600g) – 2/3 of a cup of ground almonds (80g) – 1/2 a cup of buckwheat or brown rice flour (100g) – 14 medjool dates – 4 tablespoons of raw cacao – 3 tablespoons of pure maple syrup – a pinch of salt we could change this to add some plant protein as an added boost :-) FOR THE BROWNIES 10 brownies 500g of sweet potatoes (about 2 medium) 12 medjool dates 6 tablespoons of pure maple syrup 100g of ground almonds 2 tablespoons of melted coconut oil a pinch of salt 100g of ground oats 6 tablespoons of raw cacao powder FOR THE ICING 2 tablespoons of coconut oil 2 tablespoons of almond butter 1 tablespoon of maple syrup 2 tablespoons of cacao powder

5.6.2. USP-Unique Selling Point.- Our Productis going to be beter from our Competitors like for example Tesco .It will not only be Gluten Free but it will contain an incomparable mixture of sweet belgian chocolate and root vegetable -sweet potatoes.There also isint any other brownie products that offer this combination on the market.

5.7. Target Market ?

5.7.1. According to TheGlutenFreeAgency around 20% of consumers in a Datamonitor survey said that they avoid certain foods due to an allergy or intolerance most or all the time. A further 22% claimed to do this occasionally. Our Target Market would be people with non-celiac gluten sensitivity, wheat allergy, autism, ADHD, multiple sclerosis and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).Our Target Market would include Children with Cealiac disease, Millensians, Generation X,Healthy concious people


7. Target Market

7.1. Millenians

7.1.1. Millenians are individuals who reached adulthood around the turn of the 21st century, the have been raised in an electronics-filled and increasingly online and socially-networked world. They are the generation that has received the most marketing attention.The like to see new products that follow present trends in todays world. Trend #4. Generation Z A new generation is about to take the food scene by storm, leaving Millennials with their constant search for what’s next in the dust. Gen Z is more likely to eat fresh home-cooked meals and healthier QSR offerings and think that cooking is cool. They prefer stove-top to microwave cooking and are more intuitive cooks. For them, the most ethnically diverse generation, ethnic foods are the norm. This 50 million strong generation – now 5 to 20 year old – have been shaped by the recession and terrorism and as a result are willing to work hard for a stable future. They are financially cautious and demand good value from the foods they consumer in and out of home. They hate corporate greed, don’t trust brands and demand transparency. tater tots

7.2. Health-Conscious People

7.2.1. Weight-Conscious People People on Special Diets

8. Products

8.1. Piccalilli

8.1.1. this has cauliflower, turmeric and it covers condiments and pickling trends. it would be easy to make and package.

8.1.2. Ready to eat food

8.1.3. fermenting/pickling cauliflower

8.1.4. Pickled food-perfect for health-concious.Pickling process gives great health benefits.Fruits and Vegetables that are sealed in a jar with vinegar are anaerobically fermented which means they produce energy with no oxygen.During fermentation process enzymes and vitamins are created, this breaksdown particles of food that may be difficult to digest making vitamins,minerals and nutrients easy to absorb. Piccalilli- this could be a good product for a target market of Millenians, Generation X, Baby Boomers and Vegeterians Baby Boomers-According to Bord Bia it is a group of people that are aged between 50-70.Group that has often been associated with being non-conformint and for rejecting traditional values.But Baby Boomers have been the first generation to enjoy new level of wealth and personal fitness. Fermentation While fermented foods were definitely big in 2016, we think this will only continue to get bigger. Gut health is a hot topic and people are eating sauerkraut, kimchi and other fermented veggies more than ever. Expect to see more fermented items at the grocery store and on menus.

8.1.5. what is on market already ? Shelf-Life- According to EatByDate the shelf life of pickles depends on a variety of factors, such as the best by date, the preparation method and how the pickles are stored.The pickling process involves vinegar which is very acidic and creates an extremely hostile environment for the growth of bacteria in a pickle jar. Pickles, saurekraut,corn and peppers last for 1-2 years unopened and also opened.Our product which would be stored in a jar would have an expected shelf-life of about 1-2 years opened/unopened. ( Piccalilli on market TESCO : -Brandston Original Pickle(Beetroot)-100g -0.44 -Heninz Piccalilli pickle (Crunchy and Tangy)-100g 0.49 -Heinz Ploughmans Pickle 100g - 0.48 -Scullerry Cucumber Pickle 100g 0.66 Tesco sandwich pickle 100g 0.33 Tesco sweet pickle 100 g 0.34 Not many on the market and also not all contain many ingridinets within them like different type of spices or vegetables. Piccalilli on market SuperValue- Chef-mixed pickled 100 g 0.64 Heinz Ploughmans Pickle 100 g 0.48 C&B Brandston Original Pickle 100 g 0.44 In SuperValue market only three product have been found gap? The only Brands from Tesco and SuperValue that receive products of Piccalilli are Heinz,Brandston and Tesco.There is not many products of this gap especially the ones that contain different types of spices and vegetables mixes within them and this makes a gap in the market.

8.1.6. picadilli Definition-Piccalilli is an English[1] interpretation of Indian pickles, a relish of chopped pickled vegetables and spices;[2] regional recipes vary considerably. packaging-250-270g jar - kilner jar or a glass jar with a lid... Serving suggestions- Cheeses/Cold Meats/ Savoury Pies, Salads. Ingridients for Cauliflower and Shallots Piccalilli : 180g carrots (peeled weight), cut on the diagonal into 1/2cm slices 180g banana shallots (peeled weight), cut into 1/2cm slices 300g small cauliflower florets 175g caster sugar 2 star anise 300ml white wine vinegar 150ml malt vinegar 1 large fresh red chilli, deseeded and cut into thin julienne (matchstick) strips 25g mustard powder 15g cornflour 12g turmeric 100ml cold water 1 bay leaf sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper Read more: Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives Follow us: @BritishLarder on Twitter | BritishLarder on Facebook

8.1.7. Ingridients- cauliflower, spices, cucumbers, peppers, garlic

8.1.8. Marketing- for the marketing of the piccalilli we could hand out some samples of our pickles at local fairs or food festivals we could also send news releases to local media outlets.We could try to get our piccalilli reviewed by our local food critics or even launch a website or a blog.We could try to get our product into some of our local shops to show the support we give to our local authority.

8.1.9. Portion Size and price- Portion sieze per each jar would be 480g-500g and price would be. 60-70 cents per 100 grams I think this is too big... ive looked online and the average is

8.1.10. Fermented foods by MINTEL2016- Fermented flavours Traditionally used as a preservation technique and tipped as a method of releasing hidden flavours, ferments and pickles have been appearing on many menus, as consumers become fascinated with techniques of times past. Whilst consumers are familiar with f

8.1.11. Passionate about provenance Consumers are more interested in where their food comes from than ever before - from the breed, to the farm, to the farmer’s name, they want as much information as possible. In a world of consumer distrust, knowing the back story helps to create an element of trust and transparency between the consumer and retailer, brand and chef and gives the consumer the ability to create an emotional connection. (MINTEL2016) Our productwould be 'hand-crafted' with a little story of where and how it came from as this attracts consumers, especially Millenians which like to know where their product came from and like to know alittle bit more about it.

8.2. Packaging type ?

8.2.1. Glass Jar with metal lid- causal Plastic jars or containers with toght lid -eco friendly Printed pickle packaging film ( like pocket) -light, travel friendly ,eco friendly also not many on the market

9. Food Trends 2016-2017

9.1. 1.)Bare necessities refers to going back and focusing on natural unprocessed ingridients.It mainly focuses on health,transparency and waste.According to Food Trends 2016-2017 from Food People UK, the lifespan of this trend is expected to be up until 2020. Nowadays people want to be and want to eat healthy in every possible way also at the same time they wannt to maintain a safe enviorment and avoid waste.

9.1.1. II.)Free from- Even though there havent been a rise in the number of coeliacs, there have been a rise in numbers of individuals that choose to go 'gluten free'

9.2. 3.Intelligent Health-Consumers of all ages across the globe are paying more attention than ever before.Lifespan of this trend according to research and studies of the trend hub is expected to be up until 2025.

9.2.1. II.)Healthy Fast-Just because consumers want to get food fast doesnt mean that they are willing to compromise health and flavour.Consumers are looking for transparency in a fast food so they can make informed choices regarding their health-clean labels and healthier options.

9.2.2. III.) Tri-Tier Helath-The way in which consumers are approaching their own personal health is being observed in a flexible triple tiered style. Consumers are often using these tiers in a layered style in order to achieve a healthy diet; combining theses tiers in various combinations depending upon mood, will-power, needs & circumstance

9.2.3. IV.)Healthy Alternatives-Simple swaps can make even a naughty indulgence a little bit healthier, with more consumers looking to eliminate certain food groups from their diets: wheat, gluten, dairy, meat, carbohydrates etc. This is about finding theswitches that turns something from a ‘no no’ to a ‘yes please’! H

9.3. 2.Transparency in labelling- Consumers pay more attention to clean,obvious and jargod free labelling.They pay more attention to their food than ever before.Before consumers purchase any food product they go through the label from scratch, they go through the calories and through want can be found in the product.

9.3.1. I.)Grasses and Grains-They are gentle on a digestive system and contain no wheat.They have a rich nutty flavour and are high in protein.

9.4. According to minetls Food and Drink Trends 2017 raport, the preference for natural simple and flexible diets will drive further expansion of vegetarians and vegans.In 2017more people willwant to go for healthier and cleaner lifestyles.

9.4.1. hard to ignore the rise in Vegan and Vegetarian food trends. people are turning to plant based foods.

9.5. 4.Sensorial experience -Our world is multi-sensory and constantly stimulating, which means that brands, restaurants, adverts & products are having to do more than ever before to capture the consumer, in a world where they are being sensorially pushed and pulled in every direction. This is about going above and beyond simply food.

9.5.1. I.)EXTRA SENSORY-There is a whole scientific world out there, teaching us more and more about human senses and how they cumulatively react to food. This is called ‘Neuro-gastronomy’ as researched by Professor Charles Spence of Oxford University. This is giving us a growing understanding of how to enhance consumer experience even further


9.6.1. yogurt brands are moving towards full fat and away from low fat, as fats are back in trend. moving away from Dairy yogurts... yogurts need to have added vits and protein

9.7. Top 10 concept trends Hyper-local sourcing (e.g. restaurant gardens, onsite beer brewing, house-made items) Chef-driven fast-casual concepts Natural ingredients/clean menus Environmental sustainability Locally sourced produce Locally sourced meat and seafood Food waste reduction Meal kits (e.g. pre-measured/prepped raw ingredients for home preparation) Simplicity/back to basics Nutrition Source: National Restaurant Association

9.7.1. Whole Foods expects to see healthful bottled beverages that pack powerful benefits from superfood ingredients pick up steam. Look out for drinks with add-ins including maca, turmeric, and apple cider vinegar. (Turmeric has been shown to have antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, and apple cider vinegar may help regulate blood sugar and boost digestive health.)


9.8.1. wellness tonic healthy drinks - ginger and lemon tonic to aid colds turmeric in a tonic? golden lattes- with turmeric condiments with turmeric added? Tonic Health & Wellness Festival Inflammation-fighting ingredients are already trending on Pinterest. “Turmeric was one of our trending flavors in our recent Pinsights Flavor Report and specifically turmeric lattes. Ginger tea is also a trending search, up 20 percent,” confirms Stephanie Kumar, partner insights lead at Pinterest. Fighting inflammation with food is quickly becoming a major health priority—and for good reason, considering inflammation is linked to everything from bloating and acne to life threatening illnesses, say physicians and researchers. “We expect to see the market for inflammation-fighting foods to grow 7 percent by 2020 and expect 2017 to be a big year in terms of new product announcements and continued research and development,” says Deborah Barrington, a senior editor at Industry Dive. Turmeric Tonic Author: Mommypotamus Ingredients 2 cups coconut water (This brand doesn't have any additives/preservatives) 2 inch knob fresh turmeric (1 oz weighed) OR ½ ­ 1 teaspoon dried turmeric 1 inch fresh ginger root (about ½ oz weighed) 1 lemon ¼ teaspoon unrefined sea salt (where to buy unrefined salt) 1­2 tablespoons honey (where to buy honey) Instructions 1. Place coconut water, turmeric and ginger root in a blender and give it a whir. 2. When the turmeric/ginger is finely shredded, strain the liquid through a fine mesh sieve into a jar. 3. 3, Add lemon juice, sea salt, and honey to taste. Serve, preferably with a food containing healthy fats and black pepper for enhanced absorption. Recipe by Mommypotamus at­turmeric­tonic/ Fire Cider is a popular herbal folk remedy. The tasty combination of vinegar infused with spicy circulatory movers makes this recipe especially pleasant and easy to incorporate into your daily diet to help boost natural health processes, stimulate digestion, and get you nice and warmed up on cold days. The standard base ingredients are apple cider vinegar, garlic, onion, ginger, horseradish, and hot peppers, but there are plenty of other herbs that can be thrown in for added kick. This year there were lots of spicy jalapenos and vibrant rosemary in the garden, so we used those along with some organic turmeric powder and fresh lemon peel. Some people like to bury their fire cider jar in the ground for a month and then dig it up during a great feast to celebrate the changing of the seasons. Fire Cider can be taken straight by the spoonful, added to organic veggie juice (throw in some olives and pickles — a non-alcoholic, health-boosting bloody mary!), splashed in fried rice, or drizzled on a salad with good olive oil. You can also save the strained pulp and mix it with shredded veggies like carrots, cabbage, broccoli, and fresh herbs to make delicious and aromatic stir-fries and spring rolls. We like to take 1 tbsp each morning to help warm up and rev our health, or 3 tbsp if we feel the sniffles coming on. Time to make the Fire Cider! Ingredients 1/2 cup fresh grated organic ginger root 1/2 cup fresh grated organic horseradish root 1 medium organic onion, chopped 10 cloves of organic garlic, crushed or chopped 2 organic jalapeno peppers, chopped Zest and juice from 1 organic lemon Several sprigs of fresh organic rosemary or 2 tbsp of dried rosemary leaves 1 tbsp organic turmeric powder 1/4 tsp organic cayenne powder organic apple cider vinegar raw local honey to taste

9.9. vegetarian rolls and savoury slices

9.9.1. seaweed based product-miso/seasoning/bread nut oil almond/hazelnut/walnut Healthy Protein bar ? - no artificals, no sweeteners -organic and natural

9.10. Creative condiments

9.10.1. Inflammation-fighting ingredients are already trending on Pinterest. “Turmeric was one of our trending flavors in our recent Pinsights Flavor Report and specifically turmeric lattes. Ginger tea is also a trending search, up 20 percent,” confirms Stephanie Kumar, partner insights lead at Pinterest “We expect to see the market for inflammation-fighting foods to grow 7 percent by 2020 and expect 2017 to be a big year in terms of new product announcements and continued research and development,” says Deborah Barrington, a senior editor at Industry Dive. Turmeic

9.10.2. cauliflower

9.10.3. hot sauce

9.10.4. dry rubs? spices are on trend

9.11. Japanese food beyond sushi

9.11.1. seaweed irish miso? We’ve seen seaweed chips popping up a lot lately (Annie Chun’s Seaweed Crisps are an office fave), and you’re likely to see the nautical green a lot more in the new year. According to a recent report from the restaurant consulting company Baum + Whiteman, consumers are starting to seek out seaweed more and more. The report attributes its growing popularity to its alluring umami flavor—which many chefs utilize in soups, sauces, and finishing oils and salts. If that weren’t enough to pique your interest, Whole foods has already begun stocking the product in stores. Expect to see it and other similar greens (think kelp) in the coming months. condiments with seaweed-seasoning with dried dilisk for fish?

9.11.2. japanese cheesecake

9.11.3. gyoza ready made - chilled with a dip

10. Fire Cider Makes 1 pint or more 1/2 cup peeled and diced horseradish 1/2 cup peeled and diced garlic 1/2 cup peeled and diced onion 1/4 cup peeled and diced ginger 1/4 cup peeled and diced turmeric 1 habanero chile, split in half 1 orange, quartered and thinly sliced crosswise 1/2 lemon, quartered and thinly sliced crosswise 1/2 cup chopped parsley 2 tablespoons chopped rosemary 2 tablespoons chopped thyme 1 teaspoon black peppercorns 2 to 3 cups raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar (at least 5% acidity) 1/4 cup raw honey, or more to taste Place all of the vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices in a clean 1-quart jar. Fill the jar with vinegar, covering all the ingredients and making sure there are no air bubbles. Cap the jar. If using a metal lid, place a piece of parchment or wax paper between the jar and the lid to prevent corrosion from the vinegar. Shake well. Let the jar sit for 3 to 6 weeks, shaking daily (or as often as you remember). Strain the vinegar into a clean jar. Add honey to taste. Refrigerate and use within a year.