AT Facilitator Overview

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AT Facilitator Overview by Mind Map: AT Facilitator Overview

1. Assistive Technology

1.1. Major Growth in the use of Mobile devices

1.2. MPP & PDP major boost to use of Asssitive Technology

1.3. Good Support and desimination from TCC

1.4. DIT Projects - Co-Design Innovation projects

1.5. Set up of the Assistive Technology Committee in Stillorgan

1.5.1. Digital Strategy

1.6. Assistive Technology Discussion Paper

1.7. Mefacilyta Desktop Skills teaching app

1.8. Production of step by step guides

1.9. User Led recognition by Entelis, EASPD, FEDVOL, DFI and ENIL

1.10. Still awaiting Lottery funding that was granted in 2015 for Assistive Technology switches and tools for high support service users

2. Communication

2.1. Newsletter

2.2. Infoshare hosted by Self Advoacates


2.4. Accessible communication use of multimedia to display policy

2.5. Growth Social Media

2.6. Transforming lives

2.7. Graphic Design for Graduations and Job adverts

2.8. Parents & Friends

3. Advocacy

3.1. Three Goals for 2016

3.1.1. Communication - Publication of three newsletters The running of four infoshares The continued development of accessible video of minutes and information

3.1.2. Advoacacy Training 13 Self advoacates took part in two independent advoacacy training courses. One run by local community groups

3.1.3. Health Awareness Shared good news health stories throughout the year, including one self advoacate who joined a community group and food optimized her way down to a healthy weight. Another self advoacate who took part in her first mini marathon.

3.2. Self Advoacates showcasing how they can use technology to be independent

3.2.1. Entelis Conference, Brussels

3.2.2. Inclusion Ireland

3.2.3. CHAT Sessions DFI

3.3. Joining Groups to strengthen the voice of the self advoacates

4. Community Partnerships

4.1. DIT Projects

4.1.1. Computer Science Co- Design

4.1.2. CapAble Matteo research

4.1.3. Microwave+

4.2. Campus Engage

4.3. Intel

4.4. Parents & Friends

4.5. CHAT - DFI & Enable

4.6. UCD Innovation

4.7. Maynooth University


4.8.1. Research into use of Mefacilyta Skills Teaching app Research Groups High Support Medium support Mild Support Registration to Research Dept. Application V1 Appendix items Service Sponsor Quality Assurance

5. Receipts

6. Suite of roles

6.1. Complementation roles