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GEORGE WASHINGTON!!! 11-2 11-3 by Mind Map: GEORGE WASHINGTON!!! 11-2 11-3

1. This side will be 11-3

2. This side will be 11-2

3. On April 30, 1789, George Washington became the first president of the United States

4. After the debate of what title George Washington should get after becoming president he preferred Mr. President.

5. Washington had to choose people for the open positions and he chose the men he trusted- Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, and Henry Knox.

6. The Congress and government at the time was very divided.So Washington and the people tried their best to make the government and congress better.

7. The government was lacking in funds because sense Congress was always arguing they never raised the taxes.

8. people were getting made about the raised taxes so the farmers complained their whiskey is too expensive. To end the protests Congress lowered the excise tax.

9. Hamilton and Washington saw the Whiskey rebellion as a threat so Washington led 13,000 state militia troops across the mountains to crush the rebels.

10. During The French Revolution there were a lot of debate and events in France and in 1789 the French people rebelled against their king.

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