Post Colonialism in "Three Day Road"

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Post Colonialism in "Three Day Road" by Mind Map: Post Colonialism in "Three Day Road"

1. Lost way of life

1.1. Animals/Animal fur

1.1.1. Ex: Wemistikoshiw ransacks animal fur

1.2. Traditions

1.2.1. Ex: Wemistikoshiw sends them to Moosetown

1.3. Nature

1.3.1. Ex: Forest fire killed life

2. Elijah Weesageechak

2.1. Controlled by pressure

2.1.1. Ex: Wanted promotion

2.2. Learned their language

2.2.1. British Ex: Spoke with accent

2.3. Skills were ignored

2.3.1. Ex: Kills not approved

2.4. Name change

2.4.1. Seemed mandatory Ex: "Whiskeyjack"

3. Residential School

3.1. Punishments

3.1.1. Ex: Short Hair

3.1.2. Ex: Soap in mouth

3.1.3. "Jail" Ex: Sent to basement

3.2. Colonial education

3.2.1. Learned differently Ex: Language Ex: No hunting

4. Isolation

4.1. On train

4.1.1. Ex: Sent to back

4.2. At war

4.2.1. Xavier loses friend Ex: Elijah becomes "windigo"

4.3. At home

4.3.1. Niska's father Ex: Isolated and killed

5. Niska

5.1. Lost Identity

5.1.1. Language Ex: Forced to speak Caucasian language

5.1.2. Sent to residential school Ex: Had to follow Nuns rules

5.1.3. Lost father Ex: Kidnapped Ex: Starved to death

5.2. Cree tribe

5.2.1. Forced to move No nature Ex: "Wemistikoshiw" oppression Ex: Destroyed and didn't maintain

6. Xavier Bird

6.1. Joined Canadian Army

6.1.1. No recognition Ex: Successful kills ignored

6.1.2. Fought for colonists Ex: No freedom when return home

6.2. Isolated on Train

6.2.1. Not valued Ex: White people's ambivialence

6.3. Language barrier

6.3.1. Ex: Scoffed at by fellow allies

6.4. Native clothing prohibited

6.4.1. Ex: Hunting gears

6.5. Addiction

6.5.1. Ex: Morphine

7. The Great War

7.1. Regarded as subaltern

7.1.1. Ex: Elijah' sniping skills ignored

7.1.2. Ex: Oblivious to Xavier's immense ability

7.2. No promotions

7.2.1. Ex: Xavier remains low in rankings

7.2.2. Ex: Elijah promoted through imperialism