Music Video Changes

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Music Video Changes by Mind Map: Music Video Changes

1. Props and costume

1.1. Band members (except the protag) wear blue and red in the band performance to make the red/blue theme more obvious. While I am also intending to colour grade to bring the audiences attention towards it. I feel that for a video that will last 3-4 minutes meanings have to especially clear, otherwise it might get confusing.

1.1.1. This will also enable me to get more close-ups of red and blue objects for the chorus ('red pill, blue pill...')

2. Editing

2.1. Not going to include the second text message, as the editing might be too much and doesn't add anything to the plot.

2.2. I'm thinking of a blue hue colour grading for the verse 1 and 3 to relate back to the lyrical theme of protagonist struggling to cope

3. Filming changes

3.1. A two new cast members have joined and one left.

3.2. Slight change on filming dates and times on 16th and 18th.