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Storage by Mind Map: Storage

1. Capacity

1.1. storage device

1.1.1. Hard Disks Capacity Platters Read/Write Heads Cylinders Sectors and Tracks Revolutions per Minute Transfer Rate Access Time

1.1.2. Flash Memory Storage CompactFlash (CF) Secure Digital (SD) Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) microSD microSDHC xD Picture Card Memory Stick

1.1.3. Cloud Storage is an Internet service that provides storage to computer users

1.1.4. Optical Discs CD-ROM CD-R CD-RW

1.1.5. Other Types of Storage Tape is a magnetically coated ribbon of plastic capable of storing large amounts of data and information Magnetic stripe cards and smart cards contains a magnetic stripe that stores information Microfilm and microfiche store microscopic images of documents on a roll or sheet flim Enterprise storage

2. Device of Hard disks

2.1. external hard disk

2.2. removable hard disk

2.3. Internal and external hard disks