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Businesses - Val - 17 Jul 08 by Mind Map: Businesses - Val - 17 Jul 08
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Businesses - Val - 17 Jul 08


no data at the moment

worth having

Things to add

Blog / comments

from owner

about things like ..., changes to menu, new chef, awards gained


can be 5 pages long

good idea

PDF, too hard to update long menus as html

show when last updated

owners can upload

Advertisers can edit their profile


in addition to 271

owner can upload images

works like a gallery with standard sizes etc

use customers pics too, owner can choose from pics from people who hangout there which are linked to the venue

Message customers


did a review

made a comment


passport offers

businesses shouldn't create their own, confusion with passport offers

businesses create then mv approve

no more than 1 on the go

places nearby




keep it as entertainment only

about pages

New node

Not to add

competitor watch tools

businesses know their competitors

updates to competitors pages

competitors in my area

my nearest concepts outside entertainment




Understanding businesses


some prefer to have MV update page

Other ideas

autotake down date for events generally

Passport vs. standard mv member

apply separately for passport

keep them different

no automatic passport on joining


MV may be flooded

maybe phase out passport

passport useful for authenticating members to businesses for offers

printing pages is another way of doing this