Creative Presentation - 2.4 Project

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Creative Presentation - 2.4 Project by Mind Map: Creative Presentation - 2.4 Project

1. Who am I, what do I want to be to the world?

2. Who do I see myself as?

3. What part of myself do I want to see in the world?

4. What do I want to see in the world?

5. Am I something that the world wants to happen to it?

6. My message: I want to be a leader, and I want to use my connection to music lead others down a path of self-discovery.

7. Who is my audience?

7.1. I share my passsion for music with

8. I share a passion for music with my audience.

9. I share a desire to find the next revolutionary idae that will captivate the hearts and minds of others.

10. Those willing to share in my idea in the music production industry.

11. I find them interesting because they have the gift of finding and discovering the hidden wonders of every new and aspiring artist in the world.

12. Skills my audience looks for: the ability to present a concept as a professional product; the ability to compose to enhance original ideas; proficiency with music recording/editing software; a dedication to professional integrity; and a fair and ethical business mentality.

13. The presentation strategy I believe to be most effective at reaching my audience: maybe through defining the journey, as that would be the best way to clearly establish my goals.

14. My Future Self

15. I consider myself to be unique in the sense that I feel wiser beyond my years. I don't mean that I am particularly better than anyone, I just feel that my experience with music combined with my fresh and young perspectives have a value. I believe them to have value that I am willing to invest in seeing brought to light.

16. My skills: I have 10 years of experience playing, writing, and recording music along with 2 independently produced albums of original works; I already have a strong understanding of and familiarity with Presonus's Studio One, and studio recording equipment; and I have a propensity to write music that goes hand in hand with my personal observations of human emotion and behavior.

17. My specialty upon finsishing my program at Full Sail will be Music Production. I hope ot use this degree to work both in the music industry and hopefully inthe film industry.

18. I have a strong fascination with the Mystic arts, that I feel I simply cannot conceal very well, and it has a way of wondrously invading my music writing style. This is something I hope to use to inspire similar journeys in those who are looking to better understand themselves and their self-defined places in the universe.

19. During my time at Full Sail, I hope to work with fellow students who are looking for musical accompaniment to their film and video game projects. I also hope to find a potential internship with entertainment productions organizations such as Ubisoft, or professional film production groups such as Syncopy.

20. After my tenture at Full Sail, I will have broadened my musical composition skills, I will have a better understanding of more industry software, and more knowledge about business practices in my industry.

21. Presentation Flow

22. Beginning: Start with story of dynamic personal cinematic experiences.

22.1. Imagine being able to enhance any moment in life by giving it musical accompaniment, and cinematic elements through a personal software application. A combination of altered reality technology, music production software, and film-quality video production software gauged toward giving the user a cinematic experience completely based on their preferences and life experiences.

23. Middle: how my previously developed talents in conjunction with my talents obtained through FULL Sail can help me get to where I want to go.

24. End: how I can use my talents, ideas, and connections to accomplish this goal.

25. S.T.A.R. Moments!

26. While I love all of the S.T.A.R. moments, my particular favorites are: emotive storytelling, evocative visuals, and memorable dramatizations.

27. Memorable Dramatization Ideas: maybe use a series of images and/or videos made in public domain to illustrate my ideas, as I do not have the resources to showcase or demonstrate my goals.

28. Evocative Visuals Ideas: this will probably fall under the dramatizations as I plan to use very deeply moving and touching visuals.

29. Emotive Storytelling Ideas: I plan to give my presentation as if I was actually using my idea to create a story telling device to demonstrate how I feel my life is always brilliant.