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1. The Middle of my presentation should include why I have a desire to help my target audience. I must create a need for what I am offering and why my services are essential if they are to get over the obstacle that plagues those in the comedy industry. This is also the time that I am able to present my qualifications as "the right person for the job" and why my services will be instrumental in helping them achieve the next level of their career. I must identify a clear path that the Target Audience should follow if they are to achieve that next level in their career. Without doing so, I must make them ask themselves, "Am I doing enough to be successful in comedy?" or "How serious am I about stand-up?" I will need to express the power behind having a well produced, good quality video that can be used over and over again as a submission to those in the comedy booking business. All of this needs to be done in such a way that makes my audience feel as normal as a character like Clark Kent and, with the use of my services, will make them feel like Superman.

2. Obstacles

2.1. I can do it myself.

2.1.1. No one doubts your ability, however, do you have the experience and right equipment to produce the type of video that capture the attention of bookers?

2.1.2. How long have promised yourself that you would get a good quality recording of your set?

2.1.3. How long have you been in stand-up without a good quality video?

2.1.4. Can you honestly say you can do this yourself? If so, why haven't you done it yet?

2.1.5. As talented as you are, I believe you can do it on your own, but why not concentrate on writing jokes instead of being hampered with the time and energy it takes to produce a good quality video?

2.1.6. Leave it to a professional to make you look professional.

2.1.7. With Stand-Up Panda, you're not alone in this business.

2.1.8. Your career is dependent upon the help of others. There is nothing wrong with depending on the professional skills of others.

2.1.9. Your stand-up career will not be negatively affected by the fact that you sough the expertise of others to help you shine.

2.1.10. Concentrate on being funny. Leave the other stuff to those with the know-how.

2.2. What is the cost?

2.2.1. The real question is; can you afford NOT to have a good quality video of your act?

3. State the importance of having a good quality video in comedian's press kit.

3.1. A comedian with a good video will get booked before a comedian without one.

3.2. A good video with great quality and sound will get your "foot in the door".

3.3. The "working comedians" already have a good quality video.

4. As a graduate student of Fullsail University...

4.1. I understand the technical basics of cinematic direction, art direction, sound, and editing.

4.2. I understand Popular Culture and Media and am schooled in genre studies, the uses of celebrity, the power of the audience, and the effects of new technology and media. I have developed a critical approach to analyzing broadcasts, advertisements, films, print, audio recordings, games, and websites that make up and shape popular culture.

4.3. I have experience directing, shooting, and editing, short, powerful narratives; narratives that demonstrate our ability to direct talent for performance, show adequate and well-composed camera coverage, select suitable and relevant art and sound design, and make effective editing choices for any chosen genre.

5. What do I have in common with other comedians?

5.1. With over a decade of experience in the industry, I know what comedy club bookers look for.

5.2. As a stand-up comedian, I understand the need to want to be recognized by those in the industry.

5.3. I want more from the stand-up comedy career than just performing at local bars for little or no pay.

5.4. I understand the if I want to be a "working comic", I need to do things that will further my career.

5.5. Getting booked at comedy venues means I can generate an income on a consistent basis.

5.6. With every performance, I know I'm getting better.

5.7. I want those in the industry to speak well of me.

5.8. It would be amazing to have comedy bookers actually reach out to me to find out more about me.

5.9. I want others to spread the word around about me as a comedian everyone should book.

6. What skills and /qualities does the comedy industry look for?

6.1. Comedy bookers are looking for comedians who can consistently entertain and audience.

6.2. Comedy bookers are obviously looking for comedians who are consistently funny and can prove it.

6.3. Comedy bookers are looking for comedians they are proud to present to an audience.

6.4. Comedy bookers are looking for comedians that appeal to a an audience, not only audibly, but visually.

6.5. Comedy bookers are looking for comedians they can promote successfully.

6.6. Comedy bookers want comedians who can handle any audience.

6.7. Comedy bookers want comedians that understand the comedy is also a serious business.

7. What other information is important to comedians in the business?

7.1. You must get noticed by bookers to get comedy work.

7.2. Other less talented comedians, with good quality videos are getting booked over you.

7.3. Here's the secret that other successful comedians won't share with you; getting noticed is no accident. The days of getting "discovered" are over.

7.4. Comedy channel YouTubers, with no stand-up experience, are getting booked by comedy bookers. Why? That's right, they put out good quality videos.

8. What presentation strategies and techniques I've learned so far, can be used?

8.1. Short, buy common story can be presented to identify with my Target Audience, to endear them to what I am offering as a "means to a favorable end."

8.2. In stand-up, and in comedy, in general, brevity is a "best friend". Brevity will be a goal in this presentation.

8.3. By identifying with my Target Audience, my presentation will introduce me as the "Mentor" they need.

9. What is my true message?

9.1. We want to help comedians achive the next step in their careers. Help us help you. "The best way to get what you want is to help others get what they want." Zig Ziglar

9.2. If you're serious about stand-up, then show those in the industry that you're serious about stand-up.

9.3. If you can sell yourself, a comedy club can sell you too!

9.4. There is a business side of comedy. A comedy career involves more than just writing and telling jokes on stage. Show the industry that you know what it takes.

9.5. If you're not getting booked, you may not be doing enough.

9.6. If you want more work in stand-up, show the industry that you are indeed "putting in the work".

10. Presentation must have

10.1. End

10.2. The Beginning should grab the attention of my Target Audience. The beginning should immediately appeal to those watching. I will attempt to utilize humor to attract those in the humor business. My Target Audience is accustomed to being the center of attention, so appealing to them as the Hero in my presentation, at the beginning, should resonate with them. The question is, how will I accomplish this?

10.3. The ending is where I make my pitch. If I have done a good job and an attention grabbing Beginning, and have taken them on the journey of becoming a "Hero" in their industry, the ending should be the presentation of the ultimate final package, where the Target Audience is assured that the decision they make to hire me, will be one of the best decisions they will make in their comedy career. By this time, I should have created a need for what I do, now it's time to show them how to benefit from what I have to offer!

11. STAR MOMENT (Something they will always remember)

11.1. Stand out! With Stand-Up Panda.

11.2. The world is ready for you. Are you ready for the world? Stand Out!

11.3. There is no such thing as an overnight success, but you can make it seem like this is true for you. Stand Out!

11.4. How many stand-up comedians can actually be called "working comics"? Stand Out!

11.5. It is difficult to determine the statistics of stand-up comics, but let us look at it this way; It is believed that there are 100,000 to 110,000stand-up comedians in the US alone. Now, how many famous comedians can you name off the top of your head? How many working comics, who have yet to become famous but are making a living from comedy, can you name off the top of your head? How do those numbers compare to the 100, 000 or so comedians in the US. Wouldn't you agree that you would need to do all that you can so that someone out there has your name in mind when asked this question? Stand Out!

11.6. You are a star and ready to shine! Help others find your star!

12. Branding

12.1. Introduce the Stand-Up Panda brand.

12.2. Possible slogan that can be repeated throughout the presentation; Stand Out! With Stand-Up Panda

12.3. Stand Out! With the Panda

13. Your stand-up comedy career involves investment.

13.1. Consider the fuel cost and wear and tear on your vehicle that gets you to all of your (non-paying) performances.

13.2. Consider the long distance driving you've done to get to an out of town gig where you might just make enough to cover the trip.

13.3. No doubt you've spent money at your own gigs, on drinks or maybe a bite to eat.

13.4. How much have you paid other to record your sets so you can put your performances on video. How good was the quality?

13.5. Consider the money spent you've spent on learning to do stand-up; books, videos, seminars, classes, etc.

13.6. How long have you been doing stand-up?

13.7. How much have you spent on self-promotional items such as business cards, dvd recordings, posters, designs, etc.

13.8. Have you paid someone to create a web site for you?

13.9. How much have you spent paying for your guests to attend one of your shows?

13.10. How much have you paid to produce your own shows?

14. What tools will I use

14.1. Sony FS5k Camcorder

14.2. Final Cut Pro X

14.3. Adobe CC

14.4. Proffesional Mic Equipment

14.5. Apple MacBook Pro

15. What are some interesting things about the comedy industry?

15.1. It seems like the least funniest people get more recognition than those we feel deserved it.

15.2. For many years, a stand-up comedian seems content to perform for free.

15.3. A majority of comics starting out, soon give up when they realize how hard it is to get the recognition they are after.

16. Why do I find these things interesting?

16.1. I take a special interest in the comedy industry because I understand how important it is to have your hard work and effort recognized by the masses. Otherwise, why do it in the first place?

16.2. It has always interested me to find out why some comedians get the recognition they get, while others, more talented comedians go unnoticed.

16.3. Rather than see others' success as complete mystery, I have seen, first hand, what has made other comedians successful in the business, and it usually starts with at great promotional video.

17. Who is my future self?

17.1. I am unique to the industry because I am walking in the same career path as those in my target audience.

17.2. Having been booked at comedy clubs throughout the country, I have first hand knowledge on what it took to get booked.

17.3. I will excel i this industry by helping others get what they "Need to Succeed".

17.4. Experienced in the professional use of software like Adobe Creative Cloud, Final Pro X, and the use of Sony's FSK5' Camcorder, your recording will be an incredible visual presentation of your hard work.

17.5. Specializing in the production of great, professional looking videos, I can help you produce a video you can be proud of!

17.6. As a producer of comedy videos that have gone "viral", I can help you bring your comedy skit ideas to life!

17.7. Visit my portfolio at to see my work. I served my internship with Comedy Central, the number one comedy channel in the US and the leading broadcaster of all things comedy. In addition, while at Fullsail University, I managed and produced several video presentations that are currently being used to market the University.