LittleBits Challenge Cards

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LittleBits Challenge Cards by Mind Map: LittleBits Challenge Cards

1. Assessment

1.1. Students will be monitored to see if they can follow the challenge card instructions provided to create a circuit to solve the challenge.

1.2. Observation of creations.

1.3. Anecdotal Notes. During the lesson, sticky notes will be used to write down any notes about progression of the students. These sticky notes will then be stuck onto the table for later review.

2. Lesson Outline

2.1. Watch youtube video and then discuss the different littleBits.

2.2. Provide a set of challenge cards, littleBits and worksheet to each group.

2.3. Students will begin to read the challenge card instructions to try and solve it.

2.4. Students will use collaboration discussion as well as trial and error to create a circuit to solve the challenge.

2.5. Each student will need to record their solutions onto the challenge card worksheet.

2.6. Students will move on to the next challenge once they have finished the one before it and have recorded it.

2.7. Go through each of the answers to the challenge cards by having the groups explain at least one of the answers each. Visually construct the circuit for the students with the student instruction.

2.8. Conclude with REAL discussion

3. Resources

3.1. LittleBits

3.2. Challenge cards

3.3. Challenge card work sheet

3.4. Smartboard

3.5. Youtube video

4. Lesson Details

4.1. Lesson Two (series of 5)

4.2. 11:05am - 12:25pm (1hr 20minutes)

4.3. Year 5

5. Curriculum Links

5.1. Knowledge and Understanding

5.1.1. Digital systems have components with basic functions that may connect together to form networks which transmit data (ACTDIK014)

5.2. Processes and Production skills

5.2.1. Define a problem, and set of sequenced steps, with users making a decision to create a solution for a given task.

6. Specific Learning Goal

6.1. Create circuits using littleBits and instructions to solve at least two of the challenge cards provided.

7. Students Prior Knowledge

7.1. Students have begun to discover littleBits. From observation and anecdotal notes, students are now grouped into mixed ability groups of three or four. This is to provide varied discussion and develop understanding and knowledge from their peers.

8. Learning Area

8.1. Digital Technologies

8.1.1. Digital Systems and Creating Solutions

9. Focus Questions

9.1. What are some safe and appropriate ways to handle littleBits?

9.2. What do you think might happen if you…?

9.3. Why do you think that worked?

9.4. Why do you think that didn’t work?

9.5. Where are some of these circuits used in real life?