Wootton's Army Fundraising

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Wootton's Army Fundraising by Mind Map: Wootton's Army Fundraising

1. Charity 5K Run

1.1. Location

1.1.1. Highland Village

1.1.2. Flower Mound

1.2. Sponsorships Needed

1.2.1. Food

1.2.2. Cash

1.2.3. Shirts

1.3. Tasks

1.3.1. Contact Local Officials & Mike Dunn Approval of Logo use Approval for course

1.3.2. Set a date (March-ish)

1.3.3. Work on Sponsorships Walmart Kolache Depot Local Highland Village Businesses

1.4. Resources & Links

1.4.1. Race Directors Website

1.4.2. Getting Sponserships

2. Car Wash(es)