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Web Workflow for New Sites (at a High Level) by Mind Map: Web Workflow for New Sites (at a High Level)
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Web Workflow for New Sites (at a High Level)


Goal: Get everyone on the about what it is we're trying to accomplish

Exercises from Project Management Samurai

Audience Research and competitive analysis

Goal: Learn about the people we are trying to reach and who we'll be competing for their attention with

Message Development

Goal: Get our messaging down

Product Requirements Gathering


Content Strategy

Goal: Figure out what content needs to be developed and which channels it's going out over

Keyword Reserach

This is one of the big ones that I have a question on: how early should we do keyword research. A part of me wants it as early as message development, or even earlier.

Figure out what our audience searches for so we know how to write and label our content

Now folded into content strategy

User Experience Design


Visual Design

Goal: Figure out how the stuff figured out in UXD is going to look and an overall look-and-feel for the campaign

Community and Outreach Strategy

Goal: Combine content resources and keyword research to figure out how we're going to get people to the site and keep them engaged. This is where we figure out all the off-site channels and any community stuff we want on the site


Goal: Create the stuff we'll use! Production is an iterative process where we repeat several of the steps above for the stories gathered in the requirements phase

What does production look like


Once enough code and copy has been accepted, we'll deploy your site. This means the world can see it

Outreach starts in earnest around deployment to drive traffic to the site


Goal: Figure out how the things we've deployed are working and where to go next


As we get data from analysis on the performance of existing features, we'll work together to determine whether budget is best put toward backlogged features or refining already deployed functionality, which means a return step 8 to production


Format for Document version

Overall goals