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Myselves by Mind Map: Myselves

1. I'm a cool person to be around

2. I'm a smart person

2.1. I was never the one to be the dumb person. I also am willing to help people with stuff. I'm the one that will help and keep trying to do things and solve problems till I get it right.

3. Somone that is goofy

3.1. I'm the person that love to have fun. When I have fun I just do things that I know that what makes me happy.

4. What do people actually see?

5. Someone that doesn't care what others think

5.1. I don't let what others have to say about me get to me. I do what I feel like doing at that moment.

6. Someone that is goofy and love to have fun

7. A loving caring person

7.1. I love everyone that I'm around and who I hang out with.

8. People that I date

8.1. I don't need everyone to know who I date or talk to. When people know about everything they will start to say stuff about what goes on in my relationship. I have no problem when they know the person, its just people know what we do all the time.

9. My feelings

10. Family business

10.1. I feel like not everyone needs to know what happens with my family. I feel like the stuff that happens should stay between me and my family.

11. What aspects do i want to keep private?

12. What do i think people see?