Becerra-Mibs sociogram

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Becerra-Mibs sociogram by Mind Map: Becerra-Mibs sociogram

1. fish

1.1. MIbs' brother

1.2. His savvy is creates weather

1.3. Hes alittle bit older then Mibs

2. Rocket

2.1. Mibs brother

2.2. Mibs savvy is election

2.3. He was the oldest of all four of the kids

3. samson

3.1. Mibs little brother

3.2. Savvy unknow

4. Gypsy

4.1. Mibs little sister

4.2. Savvy is unknown

4.3. MIbs only sister

5. bobbi meeks

5.1. was mibs enemey

5.2. She liked mibs brother

6. Poppa

6.1. was Mibs dad

6.2. he had no savvy

6.3. was in the hospital because of car accident

7. Grandpa

7.1. MIbs grandpa

7.2. His savvey creates more land

8. Will Junior

8.1. bobbis brother

8.2. Has a crush on mids

9. Miss rosemary

9.1. Mother of will junior and bobbi

9.2. Tries to be overly nice to mibs on her birthday

10. Momma

10.1. Mibs mother

10.2. Her savvy was being perfect

10.3. she has 4 kids

11. Lester

11.1. Worked for his ex wife

11.2. He drives the bus that mib and her friends are on

12. lill

12.1. Becomes mother figure to Mibs and the rest of the crew

12.2. Tries to make everyone understand