Wood-Mibs Sociogram

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Wood-Mibs Sociogram by Mind Map: Wood-Mibs Sociogram

1. Fish

1.1. Mibs' brother

1.2. His savvy is creates weather

1.3. He is a little older than Mibs

2. Rocket

2.1. Mibs' older brother

2.2. His savvy is electricity

2.3. He is her oldest brother

3. Samson

3.1. Mibs' brother

3.2. He has not discovered his savvy

3.3. He is her younger brother(7 years)

4. Gypsy

4.1. Mibs' sister

4.2. He has not discovered his savvy

4.3. She is the younger sister(3 years)

5. Momma

5.1. Mibs' Mother

5.2. Her savvy is not known

6. Poppa

6.1. Mibs' father

6.2. He does not have a savvy

6.3. He is in a comma

7. Grandpa

7.1. Mibs grandpa

7.2. His savvy is land formations

7.3. He is on Momma's side of the family

8. Bobbi Meeks

8.1. The priest and wife's daughter

8.2. She is kinda a jerk

8.3. Bobbi does not have a savvy,

9. Will Junior

9.1. Bobbi Meeks brother

9.2. He is really nice

9.3. He doesn't have a savvy

10. Miss Rosemarry

10.1. The priests wife

10.2. She's a little self-satisfied

10.3. She does not have a savvy

11. Lester

11.1. He's a delivery man for Bibles

11.2. He will never get a savvy