Carrillo - Mibs Sociogram

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Carrillo - Mibs Sociogram by Mind Map: Carrillo - Mibs Sociogram

1. Fish

1.1. Mibs' older brother by one year

1.2. His savvy is creating weather

1.3. His savvy is the reason they moved away from the ocean

2. Rocket

2.1. Mibs' older brother by four years

2.2. His savvy is creating electricity

2.3. He had to go see his dad when his mom went because his electricity powers the car

3. Samson

3.1. Mibs' younger brother by six years

3.2. His savvy doesn't come until his thirteenth birthday

3.3. He's dark and shadowy

3.4. Has a pet turtle who everyone else thought was dead at the beginning of the story

4. Gypsy

4.1. Mibs' little sister by three years

4.2. Her savvy doesn't come until her thirteenth birthday

4.3. Started calling Mibs' Mibs because she couldn't say Mississippi

4.4. Sleeps with stuffed animals around her every night

5. Bobbi Meeks

5.1. Miss Rosemary's and the Preacher's 16 year old daughter

5.2. She will never have a savvy

5.3. Only went over to their house because she likes Rocket

6. Poppa

6.1. Doesn't have a savvy

6.2. Got into a car wreck on his way home from his job in Salina

6.3. He has a coma in the Salina hospital

6.4. Mibs' thinks she can wake him up with her savvy

7. Momma

7.1. Her savvy is doing things perfectly

7.2. Went to Salina with Rocket to go see Poppa

7.3. She is Grandpa's daughter

8. Grandpa

8.1. Momma's father

8.2. Has a savvy

8.3. He lives with the Beaumonts

9. Will Junior

9.1. The preacher's son

9.2. He likes Mibbs

9.3. Very nice and always calm

9.4. He will never have a savvy

10. Miss Rosemary

10.1. Mother of Will Junior and Bobbi and the Preacher's wife

10.2. Comes over to the Beaumonts house after the mom leaves with Rocket to go to Salina

10.3. The kids don't like her very much

10.4. She will never have a savvy

11. Lill

11.1. Lester picked her up from the side of the road because her car broke down

11.2. She will never have a savvy

11.3. She is very nice and caring to all of the kids

11.4. She works at a truck stop diner, where she told Lester and the kids if they dropped her off there, she would get all of them a meal

11.5. She will never have a savvy

12. Lester

12.1. The driver of the Bible Bus who is going to take the kids to Salina

12.2. He is very shy and timid

12.3. Has a tattoo of his mom and his girlfriend who are always talking about how much of a pushover he is

12.4. He will never have a savvy