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Pneumonia Tx - Community Acquired (CAP) by Mind Map: Pneumonia Tx - Community
Acquired (CAP)
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Pneumonia Tx - Community Acquired (CAP)



Antipneumococcal Antipseudococcal beta-lactam, + either, Anti-Pseudomonal Fluoroquinolone, Aminoglycoside, +, Azithromycin, Respiratory Fluoroquinolone

Beta-Lactam Allergy, Aztreonam, +

Risk Factors

Bronchiectasis/COPD/Chronic Lung disease, Requiring frequent antibiotics, Requiring frequent steroids


Risk Factors

Prior Abx

Recent flu-like illness

IV Drug use

Contact sports

Men who have sex with men



Anti-Staph Antibiotic

Inpatient CAP

Anti-Pneumococcal beta-lactam

+ either, Azithromycin, Respiratory fluoroquinolone

Beta-lactam allergy

Aztreonam, +, Respiratory fluoroquinolone



Previously Healthy, General Respiratory Antibiotic (macrolide/doxy)

Comorbidities or regional DRSP, either, Respiratory Fluoroquinolone, Beta-Lactam + Macrolide

Switching to Oral Therapy

factors to consider


respiratory fxn (O2 sat>90, RR<24)

WBC count

GI (able to tolerate PO)

mental status at baseline

delay when

more than one factor

initial therapy failure/switched

other infxn (meningitis/endocarditis)

documented Pseudomonas/Stap/Other bug

No need to observe overnight in hospital when switching!


Not necessary, and NOT linked to clinical status!

In smoker age > 40, can help R/O malignancy after 7-12 wks

If pt improving, no routine CXR needed