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Chemistry by Mind Map: Chemistry

1. solutions

1.1. electrolytes

1.1.1. soulutions of ions that conduct electricity in water

1.2. ionization

1.2.1. molecules broken apart in such a way that the atoms take on a charge

1.3. dissociation

1.3.1. the process in which an ionic solid seperates into positive and negative ions

1.4. solute

1.4.1. the substance being dissolved

1.5. alloy

1.5.1. solid solution

2. chemical bonds

2.1. occurs when atoms lose, gain, or share electrons

2.2. polar

2.2.1. has a slightly positive and slightly negative side

2.3. nonpolar

2.3.1. shared electrons shared equally

2.4. chemically stable

2.4.1. when an atoms outer energy level is full

2.5. hydrate

2.5.1. a compound that has water chemically attached to its ions

2.6. polyatomic ions

2.6.1. a group of atoms with a slightly positive or negative charge

3. chemical reactions

3.1. inhibitor

3.1.1. slows down reactions

3.2. catalyst

3.2.1. speeds up reations

3.3. exothermic

3.3.1. energy released in the form of heat

3.4. decomposition

3.4.1. the breaking down of a substance into two or more parts

3.5. endothermic

3.5.1. energy required in the form of heat

3.6. reactant

3.6.1. the substance that reacts

3.7. coefficients

3.7.1. numbers infront of an equation

4. teacher

4.1. miss Gous

4.1.1. good teacher

4.1.2. explains well gives clear understanding helps us to get the concept

4.1.3. gets the point across tells us what we need to know in a simple fassion

4.1.4. likes showing diagrams gives visual examples demonstrates clearly explained