Trump calls out CNN

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Trump calls out CNN by Mind Map: Trump calls out CNN

1. Trump calls CNN ‘fake news’ and BuzzFeed ‘garbage’ during press conference

1.1. Reports against trump were made by CNN in regards to hi “support” and ties with Russian government

1.2. BuzzFeed published the article by CNN

1.3. Conference turned into discussion of “fake news”

2. Trump calls CNN ‘fake news’ in back-and-forth with reporter, lashes out at BuzzFeed

2.1. 35 page article was published by BuzzFeed on Russian and Trump ties

2.2. Secretary Sean Spicer attacked BuzzFeed as well

2.3. CNN did not publish full memos on the allegations on Trump with Putin but BuzzFeed did

3. Watch Donald Trump Call Out CNN as a Fake News Organization

3.1. Credits Jim Acosta for being good reporter after trying to get questions from Trump

3.2. Trump tried to get other media news organizations to ask him questions while Jim fought back.

4. @realDonaldTrump what do you say now? More #FakeNewsMedia or more lies and backpeddling and vomiting out of your split tongue mouth?

5. Hey #FakeNewsMedia, #Trump doesn't need you. Neither do the American people. #MAGA - ‏@ceasarishome

6. Uh Oh...CNN Is Caught Again Spreading #FakeNews #TRUMP #Inauguration #TrumpInaugural #WeStandUnited #MAGA - ‏@GaltsGultch

7. Everyone took to the media and news articles after a controversial conversation happened. This conversation was between Trump and a CNN reporter. While at a press comfrence Trump wouldn't answer any of the reporters questions and began to verbal bash CNN news. After this happened every news source was covering the new President and perhaps the most controversial man himself. You either love or hate Trump so no matter which it is, News writers known you're gonna wanna read about it. That is why so many people and sources covered this conversation.

8. "Trump calls CNN 'fake news,' as channel defends its reporting on intelligence briefing'

8.1. Trump refuse to take questions from CNN reporter

8.2. Reporter was threatened to be thrown out of the conference if he tried to ask another question

8.3. Trump and CNN have a history of debates

8.4. Trump called BuzzFeed “a pile of garbage”

9. Trump berates CNN reporter: 'You are fake news'

9.1. “ your organization is terrible” trump said to CNN’s Jim Acosta

9.2. Trump directly attacked CNN on their reports on the Russian affair tied to Tru