Classroom Management Reflection

Classroom Management Reflection for EDRS 698

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Classroom Management Reflection by Mind Map: Classroom Management Reflection

1. Privileged or Marginalized Practice

1.1. Best Practice: All students are treated equal

1.2. Classroom jobs should be random to shed favoritism

1.3. Rewards and discipline should be fair for each student or class

1.4. Students may choose jobs and awards for relevancy and motivation

2. Personal Reflection

2.1. Well thought out Individual Behavior Plans Work

2.2. Get to know students and what motivates them to learn and complete work

2.3. Procedures are very important in elementary, practice them often

2.3.1. Example

2.4. Create classroom jobs for students

2.5. Have an award system for class to motivate class

2.6. Respect and care for each student

3. Procedural management strategies

3.1. Opening procedures

3.1.1. Calendar, agenda, homework, greetings

3.2. Closing procedures

3.2.1. Clean up, homework, fun activity, announcements

3.3. Behavior expectations

3.3.1. Follow classroom/school rules as posted and gone through

3.3.2. Complete 80% of homework

3.4. Jobs in Classroom

3.4.1. Clean classroom Example of Classroom Rules

3.4.2. Sharpen pencils

3.4.3. Line leader

3.4.4. Take attendance

3.4.5. Change calendar

3.5. Transitions

3.5.1. Between lessons

3.5.2. End of Day

3.5.3. Restroom

3.5.4. Lunch

3.5.5. Start of Day

3.5.6. Special Events

4. Individual Behavior Plan

4.1. Short term goals

4.1.1. 80% or more completed work

4.1.2. Good behavior results in reward Example

4.2. Long term goals

4.2.1. Respect classmates, teacher

4.2.2. Be less distracted to self and class

4.2.3. Get to appropriate grade level or above

4.3. Why this goal?

4.3.1. Student is below grade level and this may stop RTI

4.4. Rewards

4.4.1. Student chosen reward (helps motivation)

4.4.2. If student is good (as defined previously), student receives reward

4.4.3. Student chosen reward: Skip one day's worth of homework

4.5. Results of Plan

4.5.1. Student's behavior changed to specified objective

4.5.2. Behavioral Model was successful

4.5.3. Behavioral Model used on other students with success