Diversity in Canada

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Diversity in Canada by Mind Map: Diversity in Canada

1. Environment

1.1. Many different physical regions exist in Canada, Western Cordillera, Interior Plains, Arctic Lowlands, etc.

1.2. geologic history, precambrian era, paleozoic era, etc.

1.3. time zones, pacific time to atlantic time

1.4. climate regions, west coast to maritimes

1.4.1. related to climate factors, influenced and caused by

1.5. Illustrations on the multiple different regions in Canada, explain illustrations

1.6. soil and vegetation

1.6.1. regions

1.6.2. how soil and vegetation influence regions and vice versa

1.7. ecological footprints

1.7.1. canada has the third largest ecological footprint 8.6 hectares canada should reduce ecological foot print "planning for a Sustainable Future: A federal Sustainable Development Strategy for Canada" (2008) 81% of greenhouse gas emissions generated from production, distribution, consumptioin of energy canada shouldn't have to reduce foot print no technical obligation to have to reduce might make the country less competitive

1.7.2. world ecological fooprint is 2.2 hectares

1.8. how does all this relate to diversity?

1.8.1. different regions attribute to landform diversity instead of doing more essays for this maybe just make a really nice map/poster thing

1.8.2. soil and vegetation is different

1.8.3. the ways people think regarding the environment (stewardship over ownership, etc) argumental essay or a scripted debate on which one is better than which

1.8.4. or whether canada should reduce it's EF or Not

2. Economy

2.1. essays on the financial state of Canada and how it is different from other countries

2.2. Analysis on the change in Canada's economy since confederation

2.3. primary, secondary, tertiary, Quaternary industries

2.4. canada has many natural resources

2.4.1. it helps with mega projects

2.4.2. farming

2.4.3. water

2.4.4. mining

2.4.5. forestry

2.4.6. energy

2.5. how does this relate to diversity

2.5.1. many different companies operate in canada

2.5.2. many different jobs operate in canada

2.5.3. the economic situation of different provinces are different probably definitely skip the essay part and just do a map

2.5.4. lots of different classes of people, middle class, poor, etc. essay on class struggle?

2.6. canada doesn't rely on one source of revenue

2.7. fishing

3. Social

3.1. Very multicultural, soon to become multilingual

3.2. make a population chart on how multicultural Canada is

3.3. stable, declining population

3.3.1. made up of immigrants most common class of immigrants is independent

3.3.2. baby boomers are aging, causing problems and the whole declining thing also people are choosing to have less babies canada has three immigration categories family independent refugee class causes a lot of problems mainly strain on natural resources will change a lot of how society is run

3.4. very diverse population

3.4.1. however, still mainly europeans

3.4.2. during census surveys, most people responded that they were "canadian"

3.4.3. might be the reason why lots of immigrants like to settle here

3.5. this prevents assimilation to one general culture

3.6. canada is a cultural mosaic

3.6.1. social imprints

3.6.2. physical imprints

3.7. urban and rural settlements

3.7.1. immigrants tend to settle in urban areas urban areas are more multicultural urban areas are easier to find jobs in easier to find opputunities in

3.7.2. canada used to be a very agricultural nation

3.7.3. toronto is the largest metropolitan area in canada

3.8. how does this relate to diversity

3.8.1. lots of different ethnicities essay on how racism (etc?) is still prevalent in today's society

3.8.2. lots of different world views, political views essay on how political views have changed with the generations

3.8.3. lots of different minorities