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computer by Mind Map: computer

1. A page for every subject

1.1. English

1.2. Math

1.3. Science

1.4. PE

1.5. History

1.6. etc....

2. VR movie

2.1. Using many programs

2.1.1. Google Sketchup It was used to make the scenes

2.1.2. Paint.NET It was used to paste an image from the movie on sketchup

2.1.3. Audacity Was used to put music into the movie

2.1.4. Windows Movie Maker It was where the images were pasted and the movie was created

2.2. Organizing scenes to become a movie

2.2.1. Give each slide 2-3 seconds for each one

2.3. Post link to video on forum


3. Personal Web page on Academics

3.1. Home Page

3.2. Links to Home Page and links to websites that are related to our topic

3.3. Adding gadgets as decorations for the page

3.4. add pictures

4. Mr.Daniels

5. Business Plan

5.1. Strategies

5.1.1. How to get the money to start the business

5.1.2. How to make our business popular

5.1.3. How to become a professional in the stock market

5.2. Employees

5.2.1. 5 Employers CEO Elias Karam Secretary/File Organizer Shamael Al-Raziaqi Transportation Adviser Yazan Al khayyat Financial Adviser Najat Basma Warehouse Manager Obaid Al Shamsi

5.3. Costs

5.3.1. Costs of Cars

5.3.2. Networth

5.4. Desiging outline of company floor plan

5.5. Personal Company Website

5.6. Advertisements

5.6.1. Brochures

5.6.2. Flyers