The Great Depression

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The Great Depression by Mind Map: The Great Depression

1. Historical Background

1.1. Before the great depression started there was several problems in the economy, a big stock market crash was created in the US called "Wall Street Crash" of 1929

1.2. But what started the Great Depression was the London Stock Exchange. Known as the third- largest stock exchange in the world for its market capitalization of $6.06 trillion dollars

2. Solution:

2.1. The president Franklin Roosevelt guided the people to the banner of his program called Big Deal. It introduced social and economic reform to many Europeans

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4. Great Depression

4.1. This was a big economic depression (downturn in economy activity) around different parts in the world.

4.2. It had effects in both poor and rich countries. The international trade ran quickly by more than 50%, unemployment grew a lot and many profits and prices dropped.

5. Effect:

5.1. First US bank loans were invested in Germany, since the Wall Street Crash occurred people started to take their investments out of the Germany banks causing unemployments and less production in different parts of US

5.2. During this period there were two downturns in the economies of different nations, for example the prices of farm products felt and the increase in use of oil and hydroelectricity