Questions for Exam

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Questions for Exam by Mind Map: Questions for Exam

1. History

1.1. Hogan

1.1.1. World War I What were three main causes of World War I? How were other countries pulled into the war? How was propaganda used and why? Do you beleive the Treaty or Versaille was fair, and why? What was some of the new technology used? What new way of fighting in dich like formations called?

1.1.2. Revolutions around the world What was the cause for Revolution around the World?

1.1.3. Russian Revolution Who led the Revolution? What color did the Solviets/Bolsheviks relate themselves to? Who did the White Army support? What did Lenin base his theory on? Who was it written by?

1.1.4. World War II What was the cause for World War II? Where was the major invasion into Europe Started? What Countries made up the initial Allies? Which countries made up some of the Axis powers? What was the group that was at the center of World War II?

1.2. Nebel

1.2.1. Modern World After WWII What is the movement of people from rural areas to urban areas called? Why was there a surge in new countries after WWII? Which two superpowers were brought to the brink of nuclear war? What are the two spheres of wealth in the world? Where are people trying to migrate to from the Global South? With no money and few jobs, large towns on the outside of cities are created, what are they called? What new era was started by the launch of Sputnik? What revolution is named after research on the out put of 2x the amount of food? Describe the impact of western culture on the rest of the world. How has the role of women changed since the 1950's, and why has it changed? What global problems have been caused by human wastes and pollution? What does interdependence mean? How does a single crisis in one country affect an interdependent world? What are some geographic factors that affect a country's inability to produce enough resources to support its economy.

1.2.2. Cold War What two super powers were the main opponents in the Cold War? Why was there so much tension between the two super powers? What country close to the United States nearly brought the world to nuclear war? What were the two oppositional government types? When did the Cold War end? Who was the leader of the USSR when it fell? What were the first two rulers of the USSR, and why were they so feared? Which city was divided into two by the Cold War?

1.3. Quinn

1.3.1. Agricultural Revolution What new technology was created to assist the farmers of england?

1.3.2. Industrial Revolution What was the most common use of children in the begining of the Industrial Revolution. What main natural resource was mined during the Industrial Revolution by children and women? Why was the concept of time zones invented? How did railways affect the life of the English people and their economy? How did the invention of steam power affect the factory production rate? What groups were formed to improve the rights and pay of workers in factories? How was the life spans of the English people effected?

1.3.3. Age of Imperialism What was the reason for Britain and other Imperialistic powers to install colonies in other countries? Name 5 countries that placed colonies around the world. What are the different types of imperial rule? What conference divided the countries in Africa?

1.3.4. Colonies around the World Which country did Ghandi lead against the British with nonviolent movements? What were the colonies used for? Name 5 things used and exported to colonial rulers? What is a cash crop? What is the draw backs of cash crops?

2. Languages

2.1. Arabic

2.1.1. Alphabet

2.1.2. verbs

2.1.3. The Blue Book

2.1.4. Actions Entering Playing sitting

2.1.5. Objects باب

2.2. English

2.2.1. Mr. Brydson Books Mice and Men Catcher in the Rye Movies House of D Dead Poets Society Essays Non-conformity Essay Mice and Men Isolation Essay Who the enemy is and why in The Red Room Was George right in killing Lennie? Mental Illness project Poem Essays Short Stories The Red Room The Monkey's Paw The Sniper Other Poems

2.2.2. Mr. Alexander

2.2.3. Ms. Ahmad

3. Math

3.1. Subjects for study

3.1.1. Mrs. Manning Trigonometry Cosine Sine Tangent Polynomials x²+4x+2 Complex Equations Factoring Graphing How to plot, read and understand information on a graph Deveriving how to get from one equation to more complex equation to solve a more complex equation Quadratic Formula

4. Science

4.1. Physics

4.1.1. Speed What's the Speed triangle equation? What does a speed/time graph look like? What is constant speed? What is the two types of speed?

4.1.2. Velocity What is velocity? When is velocity used?

4.1.3. Acceleration What is the equation for finding acceleration?

4.1.4. Volume

4.1.5. Unit Conversion

4.1.6. Car Project

4.1.7. Distance

4.2. Chemistry

4.2.1. Atoms

4.2.2. Elements

4.2.3. Chemical equations

4.2.4. Chemical Formulas

4.2.5. Balancing Chemical Equations

4.2.6. Lab Work

4.3. Biology

4.3.1. Skeletal Syatem Skeletal System Game Skeletal System Work Sheet New node

4.3.2. Integementary System

4.3.3. Joints