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Room Design by Mind Map: Room Design

1. Items In the room (Nadine)

1.1. Haunted Psychiatric hospital/ asylum

1.1.1. Abandoned and Haunted Items in the hospital used in the room design broken glass falling rubble smashed tiles broken wood Hospital beds rusted hospital trollys lose electric cables Effects in the Hosiptal damp walls burst pipes rusted wheelchairs boarded windows broken bricks restraining chairs restraining beds iron barred cells

2. Visaul Themes (darren)

2.1. Based in USA possibly

2.2. Constructed late 18th centuary/early 19th centuary

2.3. English styled manor house

2.4. Densely populated

2.5. Surrounded by other run down buildings

2.6. Large Factory like windows

2.7. Foilege surrounding entrance and top windows

2.8. Inside the Hospital

2.9. Long dark corridors

2.10. Wallpaper torn off walls

2.11. Doors pulled off hinges

2.12. Medical Instruments on floor

3. Target audience

3.1. Age: 16+

3.2. Gender: Mostly Males

3.3. Location: Uk / United States

4. BrainStorm

4.1. Location

4.1.1. Switzerland Burghölzli

4.1.2. Singapore Yio Chu Kang

4.1.3. England New node New node

4.1.4. France La Borde Charenton

4.1.5. Sweden Beckomberga New node