How to get Clean Filtered Water

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How to get Clean Filtered Water by Mind Map: How to get Clean Filtered Water

1. Problems

1.1. Filthy water cause chronic diarrhoea, dehydration, or even death.

1.2. clean water is scarce

1.3. do not have water tap

1.4. journey to collect water is dangerous

2. Solutions

2.1. Filter needed

2.2. Easy to Access Water

2.3. Convenient

2.4. Design a product

3. Location

3.1. Developing Country

3.2. very hot country

4. Product

4.1. Portable

4.2. Convenient

4.3. Easy to use

4.4. Easy to access water

4.5. Produce clean and healthy water

4.6. Creative

4.7. Low-cost

5. Clean Water

5.1. Filter

5.2. Hollow fibre membrane

6. Benefits

6.1. Help to save innocent child's life

6.2. Decrease the risk of being injured

6.3. Save more time

6.4. Happier living

6.5. Decrease the rate of death caused by filthy water