Young AFCEA Breaking China

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Young AFCEA Breaking China by Mind Map: Young AFCEA Breaking China

1. Design, develop and perform a conference which is solely for Start-Ups and their products for armed forces (explicitly bringing together Start-Ups with decisions makers of the armed forces) – fully organized by Young AFCEANs

1.1. Access to IT Proving Grounds

1.2. Business Opportunity/Learning Opportunity

1.3. Collaboration to gain new perspective

2. Chapter Level

2.1. Problems

2.1.1. Support from Chapter International Recognition for Chapters who give outstanding support to YAC Programs Spur conversation at the Best Practices Session

2.1.2. Support from RVP

2.1.3. Problem 3

2.2. Ideas

2.2.1. Chapter Level Benefits for Lifetime Members KMC chapter offers First in line for the buffet for the Lifetime memebrs

3. Regional Level

3.1. Problems

3.1.1. Support from RVPs Solution 2 RVP/ rating and award from a YAC Perspective.

3.1.2. Low YAC Membership Numbers Solution 1 Solution 2

3.1.3. Low Chapter support for YA Travel assistance Correspondence to YA members company on Value added and networking abilities gained while being involved

3.2. Ideas

3.2.1. Joint Chapter Events Internal Regional Events

3.2.2. Invite refugees with an IT background to a workshop to let them speak what IT products (software/apps/etc) would help them in their daily life (as a refugee but also back in their home county) and how they would be able to support the implementation

3.2.3. Idea 3

4. International Level

4.1. Goals

4.1.1. Increase YAC numbers by 10% over 3 years Women Members Military Members Corporate Roster Tel-a-thon

4.1.2. Increase RYAC Involvement by 25%

4.1.3. Goal 3

4.2. Problems

4.2.1. Video Testimonials Solution 1 Solution 2

4.2.2. 40 Under 40 need more nominations Reach out to involved Chapter Presidents Reach out to Corporate Sponsors Announcement at WEST Monday Meetings Kiosk at WEST Someone to help them fill it out. Smaller Form to start process Flyers/Business Cards Ability for self nomination

4.2.3. Engagement Webinars Microsoft (free tools) Competition between YAC Chapter Programs

4.2.4. YAC Awards Process Due Dates were close Where to submit Checklist in the portal

4.2.5. Communication YAC Mobile App Competition Slack Different Conversation Mediums for Different Generations Individual calls YAAC EXCOM w/ RYACs

4.3. Ideas

4.3.1. DbD Panel WEST 2018 Bullet 1 Bullet 2

4.3.2. DbD Panel DCOS 2018 Bullet 1 Bullet 2

4.3.3. YAAC Sponsored Scholarship International Fundraiser Scholarship Recipient Requirements

4.3.4. Build up knowledge articles for those who will leave the armed forces to easily transition to the business world (in the USA, in Europe – country specific, etc.) AFCEA Transition Assistance Program

4.3.5. Motivate/Encourage the RVPs to do more for the Young AFCEANs by defining goals, let the Young AFCEANs evaluate/rate their RVP. Develop consequences what happens if goals are met but also if goals are not met (e.g. sponsor flight to WEST, provide an RVP award to the best RVP based on the evaluation sponsored and presented by the Young AFCEANs)

4.3.6. Do a hackathon conference (e.g. where an Young AFCEAN app will be developed during 4 days or so) Stockholm TeckNet should have a version of this hosted by a local college at the event. Maybe a form of the Hawaii "are you smarter than a Cyberpatriot"?

4.3.7. Make an proposal to simplify the AFCEA organisational setup  start with the Young AFCEANs (there are too many roles and names for those roles which I can barely differentiate, simplify the committee structure, etc.)

5. Random Ideas

5.1. Getting back to the roots

5.2. Way Ahead 2.0 - Helping veterans navigate the world of IT.

5.2.1. Use old Wounded Warrior program open it up to veterans and spouses

5.2.2. Mentor/Educate/Put to work

5.2.3. Support Pro Certification programs for vets like Syracuse University

5.3. YA's need a virtual site to use that can provide VTC and web hosting for virtual teams and committees. "using a conference line is so 1980's)

6. Individual Level

6.1. Career Growth