Building a Sustainable Comunity

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Building a Sustainable Comunity by Mind Map: Building a Sustainable Comunity

1. Transportaition

1.1. Public

1.1.1. Public transportation: buses and trains

1.1.2. One bus = 40 cars in one year

1.1.3. H.O.V lanes/walking paths

1.1.4. Alternate energy/fuels for cars

1.2. Individuals

1.2.1. electric cars

1.2.2. Carpooling

1.2.3. Walk more/bike more

1.2.4. Alternate energy/fuels for cars

2. Housing and Building

2.1. Planners and Builders

2.1.1. What to put in buildings Light scencers Solar panels Saves $175 thousand a year Solar hot waterheater Heats the water Gray water reusing the extra water for plants No air condirioning Only one parking space for every four apartments After cutting down a tree replace it

2.2. What you can do to help

2.3. Individuals

2.3.1. fine developers for removing and not replacing tree's Plant green spaces throughout the city

2.3.2. Make developers plant trees after knocking them down

3. Energy

3.1. Public

3.1.1. Put solar panel's on roofs Saves energy from using the sun

3.1.2. Use insolation Help's keep your house at the right tempature

3.1.3. Put in wind turbines every 4 kalometers Produces energy from the wind

3.1.4. Put in roof gardens on new buildings

3.2. Individuals

3.2.1. Use compact florescent light bulbs Help's reduce energy use and cost

4. Waste management

4.1. Public

4.1.1. All products should be sorted into recycling, garbage, and compost

4.1.2. We need to have more farms and markets to get fresher food

4.2. Individuals

4.2.1. We need to recycle and compost more

4.2.2. We also need to grow our own crops Ie: fruits, and vegetables