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one photo at a time by Mind Map: one photo at a time

1. about

1.1. this will offer details of the creator and the website. it will also help the visitor to understand the concept behind the website

1.1.1. graphic design and qr code; with the qr code i will be able to make the vistor recieve info about the website and ways to interact with it

2. home

2.1. this will be a brief overview of the website and will help the visitor navigate the website with ease. this page will offer the most important aspects of the site

2.1.1. screen cast, this will help the visitor to comprehended each page and each lesson and the lessons we offer with ease and interest

2.1.2. logo; this will be the symbol of the website and will be featured in all of the websites pages

3. contact

3.1. this page will offer the visitor a way to contact with the creator of the site.

4. what we offer

4.1. we offer lessons and tip on enhancing your photography skills from the types of photography to photo editing

4.1.1. google form will help visitors bring in news and help participate with photos and discusses them. this page will help visors interact with each other

4.1.2. video project; this will help the visitor to understand the website and will offer an overview of the website

4.1.3. info graphics to help the visitor understand and view the offers we give them in the websites and the various lessons we offer, i will create a specialized info graphic catered to each individual as a pipe-line so the visitor can view his progress

5. stories

5.1. this page will offer updates on the photography world, through news, technology review, and discussing photos and concepts

5.1.1. app designs hopefully we will offer an app on the IOS and Android to help patrons contribute and donate when ever the visitor pleases

5.1.2. will offer multiple social media portals so the visitor can use the most comfortable platform so the visitor can contanct us

6. tagline; each photo is a story within itself