Fitness by Marisa

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Fitness by Marisa by Mind Map: Fitness by Marisa

1. About Marisa

1.1. This page will profile Marisa's journey through fitness, how she got started and why she keeps training.

1.1.1. Digital photo editing: Personal pictures will be used here to bring Marisa's story to life.

2. Quick Facts

2.1. This page is dedicated to health statistics, the benefits of exercise and nutritional information.

2.1.1. Use of infographics to allow visitors to visualize current trends/data in the health industry.

3. Dieting

3.1. This page will explore various diets as well as explain why eating more instead of less is important. Will also explore the use of supplements/vitamins in training.

3.1.1. Social Media: Blog style writings will be found here for quick and fun reading.

3.1.2. Digital photo editing: Use of photos to demonstrate how to meal prep and shop healthy.

4. Contact

4.1. The contact tab offers a platform for communication, questions and community.

4.1.1. Social Media: I will provide links to Marisa's IG and FB platforms

4.1.2. Google form: Will allow visitors to sign up for newsletters/emails through submission button.

5. Training

5.1. Dedicated to high lighting various forms of exercise, from traditional weight lifting to alternative cardiovascular training and yoga.

5.1.1. Social Media: Blog style writings will be found here for quick and fun reading.

5.1.2. Photo/Video editing: I will provide personal pictures and videos of proper technique and form for selected exercises.

6. Events

6.1. The events tab will show a calendar of events for group training with Marisa, upcoming bodybuilding shows and fitness expos.

6.1.1. Google Form: will use a registration form here to allow visitors to sign up for upcoming events.

7. Fitness by Marisa: Informational website about all things fitness, centered around balance of fitness and food.

8. Logo will be used as a header for all tabs/pages.

9. Screencast Presentation: I will provide a video on the background and mission of my website.