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1.1. Description of program

1.2. DaNel bio

1.3. Something re county

2. EVENTS & PD, with workshop listings and links to PDFs

2.1. STEMAZing Teacher Leader Program, with link to DOC and external links

2.1.1. Teacher Leader application DOC



4.1. STEMAZing Workshops, with external links

4.1.1. Far Out Space Lessons and Resources, with link to PPT, and external links Crosscutting symbols PDF Cause & Effect PDF Matrix of crosscutting PDF Crosscutting concept prompts PDF Planetarium Construction Box PDF Pringles can constellation PDF Kleenex constellation box PDF Marshmallow constellations PDF Ping pong moon phases (no link) Moon phase labels PDF Globe at Night PDF

4.1.2. Engineering Instruments, with external links Coconut can percussion PDF Pie pan tambourine PDF Straw oboe PDF Finger flute PDF Tongue depressor harmonica PDF Cap maracas PDF Buzz off PDF Star Wars sound machine PDF VHF Shamisen PDF Habits of mind PDF Engineering Design Process UA PDF STEMAZing #STEMontheCheap collection, with external links Rattlebot image, with link to STEMAZing YouTube video Macro lens hack image, with link to PDF Buzz Off image, with external link Pepper's Pyramid Projector image, with link to PDF STEMAZing Journal Hack image, with link to PDF Solar Garden Light Hack image, with link to PDF Newspaper Dowel Construction image, with link to PDF Cublet image, with internal link Shalors image, with internal link Fourto image, with internal link Physics ring trick image, with link to PDF Space Time simulator image, with link to PDF

4.1.3. STEMAZing Picture Books, with external links STEMAZing Picture Book activity cards Vol.1 PDF STEMAZing Picture Book activity cards Vol.2 PDF

4.1.4. Light It Up *NO LINK*

4.1.5. Hack it, make it , take it, with external links Attributes & Values PPT *NO LINK* Shalors PDF Games Page 2, with external links Quarto teacher sheet PDF Fourto Hack Directions PDF Fourto Printable game board PDF Fourto pieces template PDF Excel Fourto piece template PDF Dinosaur Fourto piece template PDF 2-D Fourto pieces B&W PDF 2-D Fourto pieces COLOR PDF Printable 4-in-a-row gameboard PDF Games Page 3, with external links 13 Pennies rules PDF Konane history & rules PDF Printable Konane board PDF Games Page 4, with external links Gobblet rules PDF Cubelet game piece template PDF Cubelet rules PDF Cover Up gameboard PDF Get Outta Here gameboard PDF Games Page 5 *NO LINK*

4.1.6. Research & Explore This, with external links IDC PPT STEM Competitions DOC

4.1.7. Tale of the Tree Rings, with external links (lessons 3 & 4 not linked) Welcome PDF Outreach & Education sheet PDF About the lab brochure PDF Tale of the Tree Rings PPT Macro Lens Hack PDF Dendrochronology teacher reference PDF Lesson 1 STEMAZing workshop PPT (blank) Seeds to Giants lesson plan PDF Bell work 1 handouts PDF Bell work 1 PPT Branching Out activity PPT Branching Out cards PDF Fir and oak images PDF Tree ring structure figure PDF Bear Essential News article PDF Exit ticket 1 handouts PDF Exit ticket 1 PPT Lesson 2 Workshop PPT Lesson plan PDF Bell work 2 PDF Paper cookie images PDF Coring and sampling techniques PDF Cross matching cores PDF Skeleton plotting PDF Exit ticket 2 PPT (blank)

4.1.8. Innovation & Invention with Little Bits, with external links

4.1.9. Exploring Systems. with external links (wrong year listed for June workshop) Systems in Motion books lightbox, with external link Creative Learning Exchange lightbox, with external link Systems Thinking Playbook lightbox Napkin Fold activity lightbox King's Chessboard lightbox, with external link Habits of a Systems Thinker lightbox, with external link One Grain of Rice lightbox

4.1.10. Construct This, with external links (Spatial Skills, Block Play, Quiet Blocks, The Whole Child not linked) 7 Essential Life Skills PDF Construct This PPT Block Center Evaluation PDF Block Play PDF

4.1.11. Shapes, Stories, & Storytelling, with external links Workshop PPT #STEMontheCheap Journal Hack PDF Name Plate Challenge PDF 7 Essential Life Skills PDF Triangle Butterfly PDF Toys from Trash Climbing Man PDF Toys from Trash Climbing Butterfly PDF Climbing Butterfly template PDF

4.1.12. Engineer This, with external links Instructables Cork Launcher PDF Toys from Trash Ball Bounce PDF How Wee Learn helicopter PDF Propeller Zip-line racer PDF Rubber band helicopter PDF Instructables Cork Launcher PDF How Wee Learn helicopter template PDF Large paper helicopter template PDF Small paper helicopter template PDF Instructables rubber band helicopter 1-pager PDF Instructables rubber band helicopter template PDF Outreach best practices PDF

4.1.13. Framework to Fun, with external links Workshop PPT 5 E's Teacher PDF Science & Engineering Practices from NTSA PDF Weather & Erosion Stations PDF Weather & Erosion Stations Notes PDF National Geographic Erosion PDF Annotation cards PDF Learning Cycle Model PDF Art of Argumentation PDF Constructing and Critiquing Arguments PDF Releasing a flood PDF

4.1.14. Marzano's 9 Effective Learning Strategies PDF

4.1.15. 21st Century Learning Expectations PDF

4.1.16. 5 E's Teacher PDF

4.1.17. Critical Thinking Skills PDF

4.1.18. Habits of a Systems Thinker PDF

4.1.19. Habits of Mind PDF

4.1.20. Math & Science ELA Practives Venn diagram

4.1.21. 3 Dimensions of Framework K12 Ed PDF

4.1.22. Periodic Table of Play PDF

4.1.23. NC State Engineering Design Process PDF

4.1.24. UA Engineering Design Process PDF

4.1.25. Water Energy World Water Day Lesson Watersheds Model Groundwater System, with external links Energy Day Science of Energy PPT Energy stations DOC Energy generation PPT (link not working) Forms & sources of energy handout PDF Behavior over time PDF Behavior over time graph worksheet PDF Energy consumption 2008 PDF Energy consumption 2009 PDF Energy consumption 2010 PDF Energy consumption 2011 PDF Energy consumption 2012 PDF Energy consumption 2013 PDF Energy consumption 2014 PDF Lawerence Livermore flow 2008 PDF Lawerence Livermore flow 2009 PDF Lawerence Livermore flow 2010 PDF Lawerence Livermore flow 2011 PDF Lawerence Livermore flow 2012 PDF Lawerence Livermore flow 2013 PDF Lawerence Livermore flow 2014 PDF Water Energy Nexus Day Photovoltaics PPT

4.2. Early childhood resources

4.2.1. Videos, with list

4.2.2. Competitions

4.2.3. Careers, with list

4.2.4. Sites and sights, with list

4.2.5. books, with list

4.2.6. Girls in STEM. with list

4.2.7. Toys, games, apps, with list

4.3. Elementary Resources

4.3.1. Videos, with list

4.3.2. Competitions

4.3.3. Careers, with list

4.3.4. Sites and sights, with list

4.3.5. books, with list

4.3.6. Girls in STEM. with list

4.3.7. Toys, games, apps, with list

4.4. Middle School Resources

4.4.1. Videos, with list

4.4.2. Competitions

4.4.3. Careers, with list

4.4.4. Sites and sights, with list

4.4.5. books, with list

4.4.6. Girls in STEM. with list

4.4.7. Toys, games, apps, with list

4.5. High School Resources

4.5.1. Videos, with list

4.5.2. Competitions

4.5.3. Careers, with list

4.5.4. Sites and sights, with list

4.5.5. books, with list

4.5.6. Girls in STEM. with list

4.5.7. Toys, games, apps, with list

4.6. ORIGINALS & ADAPTATIONS, with link to #STEMontheCheap, and external links

4.6.1. STEMAZing Girl Scouts

4.6.2. Picture Books STEMAZing picture book activity cards Vol. 1 PDF STEMAZing picture book activity cards Vol. 2 PDF