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Stereotype by Mind Map: Stereotype

1. What happens to those we stereotype?

1.1. They lose their identity

1.1.1. Those that are stereotyped beging to feel like they should act like the stereotype

2. Problems

2.1. Makes us metally lazy

2.2. Leads to discrimination

2.2.1. Racisim

2.2.2. Ageism

2.2.3. Sexism

2.3. Close-mindedness

3. Solutions

3.1. Become aware of the problem.

3.2. Become aware of what you say and think.

4. Why do we stereotype?

4.1. Makes sense out of the confusing world

4.2. The Media

4.2.1. Books

4.2.2. Movies

4.2.3. T.V. Shows

4.3. As Adults

4.3.1. The jokes that people tell