Amber's Memoir Branistorming

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Amber's Memoir Branistorming by Mind Map: Amber's Memoir Branistorming

1. Important People

1.1. Grandma

1.1.1. Strong in the Lord Compassionate Sacrificial

1.2. Mom

1.2.1. Example of a Christian Wife/Mom

1.2.2. Always By My Side Bestfriend How to Put Others First

1.3. Significant Memories

1.3.1. Grandma Having Talks About Jesus Praying and Watching it Fold Out

1.3.2. Mom Praying in the Hospital Every Mommy and Me Day, Blessings

2. Important Events

2.1. My Surgeries

2.1.1. Successes, Failures Therapy Coming Back

2.2. What Shaped Me

2.2.1. Hume Surgeries Family/Friends

2.2.2. Rededicating My Life Hume Lake

2.3. Staying on Track with God

2.3.1. My Schedule

2.3.2. My Friendships

2.3.3. My Relationship

2.3.4. Home From Hume

2.4. Choose Your Friends Wisely

2.4.1. Are They Good Influences

2.4.2. Do They Challenge You in Your Walk with God

2.4.3. Do They Keep You Honest

2.4.4. Are You Being the Friend You Want In Return

3. Faith and Values

3.1. Questions

3.1.1. Why Did God Want To Start all of This Did He Just Do it For Fun?

3.2. Important Things to Me

3.2.1. Friends

3.2.2. School activities Athletic Training Sports

3.3. Faith Journey

3.3.1. Became a Christian when I was Ten

3.3.2. Being a Christian means that you confess that you're a sinner and that you have asked God to work in you and through you.

3.3.3. Daily Faith is Portrayed as Prayer, Going to Church and Praising/Learning About the God You Believe in

3.4. How Does It Effect

3.4.1. You Have a Christian Point of View

3.4.2. Holy Spirit is in You and Convicts you

3.5. Affect Your Faith

3.5.1. Negatives Persecuted No Freedom Outcasted Lose Friends/Family Trials

3.5.2. Positives Saved From Wrath of God You Have God on Your Side Hope

3.5.3. Unbeliever View I believe that we're just gonna chill here forever and this is our permanent home came to these beliefs.. where else would we go? God is just like any other religions God, which one is true? I live just to live, I follow my 'dreams' The plan I've made for myself