Florence Bascom

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Florence Bascom by Mind Map: Florence Bascom

1. Biography

1.1. She was born in Wiliamstown, Massachusetts on July 14, 1862. Her father, was a teacher and her, was a women´s rights activist in the suffrage movement. Died on June 18, 1945.

2. Studies

2.1. Florence Bascom earned a BA and B.Litt degree in 1882 and a Bs in 1884 from the university of Wisconsin to get Ms degree in 1887, as the society was very chauvinist she got a PHD but she had to be behind a screen not to disturb the men

3. Inventions discoveries

3.1. Discovered row mountains form, how rocks erode and created sheets

4. What was going at that time?

4.1. During her discoveries the biggest fall of the market happened, which was in 1929

5. New words

5.1. Suffrage=Sufragista

5.2. BA=Licenciado en letras

5.3. Chauvinist=Machista

5.4. Erode=Erosionan

5.5. Sheets=Hojas Us

5.6. During=Durante

5.7. PHD=Doctorado