Writer's Academic Workshop

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Writer's Academic Workshop by Mind Map: Writer's Academic Workshop

1. About

1.1. Contains a brief description of the project/site and it's intended purpose

1.1.1. Screen casted tour of site and infographics, also links to social media

2. Tips For Writing

2.1. Contains an area where people can share tips for writing + a page with general writing tips

2.1.1. infographics, general information section, videos, google forms for submissions + discussions

3. Home Page

3.1. Contains general information about the site including basic conduct for interacting with others.

3.1.1. Logo, photos, and general info. link to app that will compliment the site visible using a QR code.

4. Submit Works

4.1. Where you can submit your work for peer review.

4.1.1. Google form to act as place to submit

5. Read and Respond

5.1. Where you can browse/read the various works submitted and respond with comments and constructive criticism

5.1.1. Google form to display submitted work and to act as forums

6. References

6.1. Contains pages of references used throughout website

6.1.1. Basic page just containing cited references

7. Tagline: Creating opportunities to share and receive appropriate criticism for both academic and creative writing.