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Thesis Yama by Mind Map: Thesis Yama
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Thesis Yama



Economic development

Natural resources

Dutch disease



Economic Risks

Reputational risks

Importance of Africa for China


Financial transaction

Chinese African policy

Aid to most african countries rather than focus on a few smaller groups

Financing focuse on infrastructure projects

part of export credit = infrastructure for natural resources

5 principles of peacefull coexistance

relation between governemnt, FI and state enterprise is very close. so fast coordination

much more trust due to no colonization past

China shares and exports own experience with development

list of

Macroeconomic considerations for allocating assitance to Africa

Chinese rol cannot me be ignored due to increasing scale

New node

Africa is not homogeneous

It is in china's interest when projects are sustainable

Researsch proposal

Debt sustainability framework of IMF and the world bank is considered by china too static. Should a project that is projected to generate adequate economic return go ahead even if other elements i nthe conomy are not doing well?

In Which wat way does the Chinese approach toward africa difers from classical players?

How can the chinese investment in natural resources in Africa lead to sustainable economic growth to the continent ?

China's Economic motives to be active in Africa

introduction + research proposal

How is Chinese Financing and investment done?

Theoretical motives of china

Empirical Data to support this