Factors That Affect Development

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Factors That Affect Development by Mind Map: Factors That Affect Development

1. Political

1.1. Corruption

1.1.1. misuse of power for private benefit

1.2. Poor Management

1.2.1. Government needs to do a lot to encourage development

1.2.2. Maintain infrastructure

1.2.3. raise and spend finances wisely on the right projects

2. Social

2.1. Gender

2.1.1. Bias

2.2. Population

2.2.1. Overpopulated or underpopulated?

2.3. Peaceful or not?

2.3.1. Is there discrimination or not? Are people comfortable?

3. Institutionial

3.1. United Nations

4. Environmental

4.1. Housing

4.1.1. Weather can increase the safety or danger of the surroundings

4.2. Income

4.2.1. How people maintain their lifestyles

4.3. Employment

4.3.1. Low or high?

4.4. Education

4.4.1. Are children getting the education they need?

5. Economical

5.1. Trade

5.2. Debt

5.2.1. How much they are in need of financial help?