Facts That Affect Development

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Facts That Affect Development by Mind Map: Facts That Affect Development

1. Political

1.1. Corruption

1.1.1. Cronyism

1.1.2. Authoritarianism

1.2. Rights

1.3. No Accountability

2. Economic

2.1. Trade

2.1.1. Hurtful tariffs

2.2. Debt

2.2.1. 3rd world gets loaned money and will never be able to pay it back. World Bank

2.3. Over-Regulation

3. Social

3.1. Gender Relations

3.1.1. Woman staying home and having kids, not involved in society.

3.2. Culture

3.3. Religion

3.3.1. Cause clashing between people.

4. Environmental

4.1. Pollution

4.1.1. Rising sea levels Typhoons and other natural disasters forcing poor to move from their lands. Forced government spending in disaster stations instead of education or infrastructure.

4.1.2. Fossil fuels An easy way to develop, but affects others immensely. India wants to grow using coal.

4.2. Lack of Protections

5. Institutional

5.1. Discrimination

5.1.1. Not everyone is included in society, so it's less productive.

5.2. Bad legal system