Factors That Affect Development

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Factors That Affect Development by Mind Map: Factors That Affect Development

1. Political

1.1. Poor government management

1.1.1. Poor government management can reduce the speed of development for a given country. It can also completely halt the development of a country. Usually poor government management can lead to full blown corruption of a given country's political system of power.

1.2. Corruption

1.2.1. A corrupt government can lead to money laundering, or the abuse of power. Halting the development of a given country because the people that hold power aren't using it to further develop the country.

1.3. Trade Laws

1.3.1. Lack of free trade between countries can potentially reduce the political ties or respect between countries that abandon trade policies. .

1.4. Political instability

1.4.1. Relating to corruption, and poorly managed governments, political instability is a step before full blown corruption. A poorly managed government with a touch of fighting between politicians creates an unstable political environment.

1.5. Civil conflict

1.5.1. Civil war that occurs within countries disturbs the stability of the order of that country's government. Resulting in that country's development being put on pause due to civil conflict.

1.6. Peace

1.6.1. During times of peace, countries that once had a corrupt government or one that was poorly managed can begin to replace those with power and begin development.

1.7. Transnational crime

1.7.1. Transnational crime can potentially ruin the relationship between countries, resulting in conflict.

1.8. Sovereignty

1.8.1. The sovereignty of a given country that has been violated can give other countries an opportunity to illlegitimize and potentially invade another country to increase territory.

2. Economic

2.1. Trade

2.1.1. Lack of free trade between countries can potentially reduce the economies of smaller or more under developed countries resulting in poverty or the worsening of poverty.

2.2. Financial crisis

2.2.1. With this aspect, every country is eventually going to experience financial crisis, especially if they are getting closer to the more developed world. Although this will hurt the developing country immensely, many developing countries are now finding ways to help one another when in a crisis as large as the one they individually may be experiencing.

2.3. Depletion of natural resources

2.3.1. When a country begins to sell more than they are able to produce, they will begin to lose money with the fact that they now must hire more people and then if not not in an order where there is total control over everything, the government can ruin the system of their productions.

2.4. Degradation of the environment

2.4.1. By ruining the environment around them, the people of these developing countries may actually put themselves in harms way economically because of the fact that they are ruining their natural resources, which is what most of these countries rely on to make income.

3. Social

3.1. Gender discrimination

3.1.1. Due to women not being able to work or contribute to the economy in many parts of the world, many states will see very little development within their state due to them not having social equality.

3.2. Population

3.2.1. Due to the countries with less money having a larger populations, meaning more children per house hold; this means that each house hold is less able to provide for the children and also unable to invest leaving them to live in poverty while having trouble staying alive within homes.

3.3. Culture

3.3.1. One again this connects back to the gender discrimination within the country itself. With culture, a country's development can be halted and this is because of the fact that many countries do not allow women to be apart of the working environment, thus making the country lack that money needed to development. But culture may also provide a good perspective as well when it comes to development. With culture people see good within creating laws, and following them, work ethnic and efficiency.

3.4. Limits of cultural interpretation

3.4.1. Many see that reasons a state can not develop is because the people see with their religion, that they are where they belong in the world, meaning a lack of ambition of innovating and business with the rest of the world. An example of this could be Hinduism in India.

3.5. Transnational crime

3.5.1. With this aspect, the society around the people within these developing countries are not societies that are stable enough to continue developing. With constant transnational crimes occurring on a daily basis in front of the people, this will become more of a custom with in the country and it will continue to make the country weaker as it tries to develop more in the future.

3.6. Armed violence

3.6.1. Violence is an over all topic that can be said holds back a country from developing once it does become more constant within the countries cities. With armed violence happening so often as it does in many of these developing countries, it may strike fear into most of the working citizens, which could cause a economical downfall.

4. Environmental

4.1. Climate change

4.1.1. With climate change, the development of a country may be slowed down in rate due to them now having to find ways to work around everything. For example in the Himalayas, climate change was causing their glaciers to melt, forcing them to find new ways to preserve their water for crops in the summer. Connecting to the economical factor because countries may lose or be restricted to using one form of income for their people.

4.2. Climate change related diseases

4.2.1. Due to climate change, people are more immune to getting diseases that their bodies are unable to fight off, thus killing many people. Also connecting back to the political and economical aspect, political because with these new diseases arising within the developing countries, the government is not doing anything to provide basic health care for the people, thus making the death rate spike. Connected to economical because of the loss of population could cause the work and the country to lose money with the lack of work occurring.

4.3. Lack of natural resources

4.3.1. Connecting back to the example in the Himalayas, with the change in weather, it causes a country to lose resources because perhaps winter is ending too soon or winter is lasting them too long. Many of these developing country's have a system of how they get income form the outside world and most of it relies on their natural resources.

4.4. Unsafe water

4.4.1. With water being unsafe for the people to consume, there is a growth of water related diseases within every developing country. Once again,, putting a spike in the death rates.