What Women Are Fighting For

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What Women Are Fighting For by Mind Map: What Women Are Fighting For

1. About

1.1. I will use the about page to further explain what exactly women are fighting for/protesting for in 2017

1.1.1. To better explain that I will use video and animations to initially introduce people into the issues women are fighting for

2. Contact

2.1. The contact page will give visitors basic information for local women's organizations, who they can call to help, as well as help center hotlines.

2.1.1. To better assist visitors with this information I will post social media accounts and or blogs for these organizations

3. Home

3.1. The home page will give a brief overview of what the website has to offer, how to navigate the website, as well as how visitors can contribute information to the site

3.1.1. To to this I will include a logo for the site, as well as a google form to collect information from people

4. What We Offer

4.1. I will use this section to explain to visitors what they can do to make a change, as well as giving them information on these resoruces

4.1.1. To facilitate this I will use a screen cast to show people how to navigate around the what we offer page as well as how to find the resoruces

5. Ways We Can Help

5.1. This section will include donation information, as well as local protests coming up, or any local events coming up

5.1.1. To help with this section I will use graphic design and QR codes, as well as infographics to give people the right information as well as making it aesthetically pleasing

6. Stories

6.1. Last but not least will be this section. It will give people the chance to submit their own stories as well as some pre selected stories I've picked to really get the message across

6.1.1. This section will include an App Protoype that allows people to submit their stories from their phones or a computer

7. Tag Line: Respect My Existence or Expect My Resistance