Pinetop Cabins

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Pinetop Cabins by Mind Map: Pinetop Cabins

1. Home

1.1. The home page is used to give a summary of the website in an attempt to grab the viewers interest, prompting them to continue reading through the website and links to the other websites. The start of the website, will utilize a few attention grabbing pictures, details, and a few real reviews of the cabins

1.2. Logo

1.3. two rentals, beautiful cabins to rent in the white mountains. first one is a two bedroom one bathroom seven hundred sq foot sleeps 4

1.3.1. digital photo editing

1.4. second is three bedrooms two bathrooms 1800sq ft sleeps eight

1.4.1. digital photo editing

2. About

2.1. small description of the area, cabin, a couple good photos, kid-friendly, animal-friendly

2.1.1. presented as infographic

2.1.2. Screencast video: highlighting major points of website

2.2. Super Host - airbnb

3. Contact

3.1. Contact form, Emergency contact phone number that can be reached

3.1.1. Google form: Contact form

4. Things to do

4.1. Amenities throughout pinetop, places to eat, bowling, fishing, shooting, horseback riding, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, off-roading with directions/addresses

4.1.1. embed google maps

4.2. Couple photos from around pinetop

5. Rent Now

5.1. Listings, app prototype used for bookings, may have to check vrbo or airbnb for up to date calendar, select a cabin to rent, send inquiry to host for payment options or something safe and legitimate

5.1.1. App prototype: booking, calendar, pricing, payments, email with receipt, google maps with directions

5.1.2. QR code and hyperlinks for vrbo or airbnb listings



6. Reviews

6.1. Real reviews from the various renting websites with citations and a link to see more reviews, add comment section for new reviews as well

6.1.1. Google Form: Maintenance/Suggestions

6.1.2. Social Media: Facebook page with updates regarding the cabins - people can like or follow

6.1.3. Google form: Survey

7. Photo Gallery

7.1. Extensive collection of photos in 2 subsets + video

7.1.1. Main Cabin

7.1.2. Rental Cabin

7.1.3. Video: in and around cabin + around Pinetop

8. Pinetop Cabins: Unique, cozy, pinetop cabins secluded in the dense forest. A romantic area with tall pines that are beautiful in all seasons.