surfing website?

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surfing website? by Mind Map: surfing website?

1. home

1.1. the home page is a quick menu of the website. It will contain various images to capture the viewers attention

1.1.1. my surfing website logo would be on this page and all others.

1.1.2. mobile app:

2. about

2.1. the about page will talk about the founders of my surfing website

2.1.1. graphic design/QR code : would create hand outs and have a online link available

3. contact

3.1. the contact page will include email, phone numbers, ad other connection methods

3.1.1. social media : links to social media will allow direct access for clients allowing them to get connected with employees

3.1.2. google form: can sign up for my website and newsletters

4. gallery

4.1. this will contain a photo list of various famous surfers

4.1.1. photo editing : i will use photo editing to ahve my glaeery page have crisp pictures

4.1.2. will make a video project on my gallery of surfers

5. brand

5.1. having a brand page so people know what brands of surf boards are superior

5.1.1. info graphics make a chart a from top name to low name brands

5.1.2. screencast: will talk about brands and why i like certain ones

6. tag line

6.1. walk on water