How do I create an interactive story through digital and physical mediums?

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How do I create an interactive story through digital and physical mediums? by Mind Map: How do I create an interactive story through digital and physical mediums?

1. Integrate multiple disciplines to explore the creation of visual and story coherency. digital sets, digital lights, and theatrical production into one piece.

1.1. Why a Physical Medium?

1.1.1. A physical space is something tangible to the viewers. The viewers feel as if they have more control of what they are seeing as well as find physicality more interesting.

1.1.2. Phyisical Tools Set Projector Sound Lights

1.2. Why a Digital Medium?

1.2.1. Using a digital medium will allow me more control to manipulate a space in a magical way.

1.2.2. Digital Tools Unity 3D 3D projection mapping Manipulate lights and environments using theatrical, video game, and 3D animation knowledge. Maya Content and object creation

1.3. What is the importance of the Character?

1.3.1. A puppet character along with it's puppeteer not only allows for the story to transition between both the digital and physical worlds, but will give the narrative an overall theatrical quality to it. A puppet animated by a puppeteer. The puppeteer will also be an actor/actor for the "real world" portion of the play/story. How does the characters explore transition and flow between digital and physical environments? Will likely need to find a choreographer and assistant director.

1.3.2. I think it important to keep the puppeteer out in the open for the audience to see. I don't want the puppeteer to feel separate from the action since a lot of the magic comes from seeing the physical and the digital at the same time.

1.4. What narrative do I tell?

1.4.1. I need a narrative that will allow me the flexibility needed in order to successfully produce a strong visual story. A "real world" versus a "magical world"

1.4.2. Narrative can derive from a play or story. A Wrinkle in Time Tales by Shakespeare

2. Encourage audience imagination by the connection of entertainment and technology/technology and physicality for children who see the interactive play.

2.1. Who is my intended audience?

2.1.1. Children are exposed to technology everyday whether it is used as a teaching tool or for entertainment. I would like children show children some of the possibilities technology allows are imagination come to light.

2.2. Who else has been doing this and what techniques do they use?

2.2.1. Research Manual Cinema A theater troupe out of Chicago who use overhead projectors to create animations with live actors onstage. Richard Bradshaw A one man show puppeteer from Australia who uses shadow puppets to put on multiple skits throughout the show. He primarily performs for children. Lotte Reiniger Lotte Reineger uses shadow puppets and a light box to create stop motion animations. Her work consists of famous stories such as Cinderella and Hansel and Gretel James Turrell An artist whose mediums are light and space. He creates installations that are heavily influenced by science and phsychology. Joseph Cornell Known for his shadow boxes, Cornell uses "poetic theatres" as a way to convey stories from his childhood.