Makeup Madness

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Makeup Madness by Mind Map: Makeup Madness

1. Inspiration

1.1. This will give inspiration for makeup looks that tie into other elements of fashion like the current season's clothing trends, looks seen on the runways, and more.

1.1.1. Digital Photo editing will be used in this section of the site to make the photos used for inspiration, have a certain look that would match the theme trying to be perceived by the look.

2. Artists

2.1. This will give updates on the most popular makeup artists in the beauty industry right now.

2.1.1. Social Media will be used here, the site will have it's own twitter as well as makeup artists twitter's linked.

3. Home

3.1. This will grab the viewers attention and let them know this is a site for everything makeup, its a combination of all aspect of the beauty world, so the average makeup lover can stay up to date on everything in the makeup world.

3.1.1. Digital Photo Editing and Logos will be used for this section, to make a logo for the home screen that is eye catching.

4. Tagline: Everything you wanted to know about makeup, in one place.

5. Tutorials

5.1. Here there will be different videos to help achieve different makeup looks

5.1.1. Video Editing will be used here to create a simple, easy to understand makeup tutorial.

6. Tips and Tricks

6.1. A place where you can learn the basics of makeup, as well as other extra elements one can use

6.1.1. Google forms will be used here in a discussion post on the newest tricks and new techniques of makeup, along with social media, which will be twitter and the hashtag #makeupmadness, where people can also share their tips and tricks

7. Beauty Conventions

7.1. In this page I will talk about different beauty conventions across the world and why they are important to the beauty community, as well as what new products have been released at these conventions.

7.1.1. Infographics will be used here to describe the popularity of each convention and to show how many high status makeup artists and beauty gurus are at a certain event.