A Greener World

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A Greener World by Mind Map: A Greener World

1. Enviromental Issues

1.1. Global warming

1.2. The ozone layer

1.3. Pollution

1.4. Alternative energy

1.5. Greenhouse effect

1.6. Deforestation

1.7. Acid rain

2. WRITE about it!

2.1. HOW TO PROVIDE SOLUTIONS FOR PROBLEMS • A useful suggestion would be... • This situation could be solved by (-ing)... • This situation could be improved if... • It would be a good idea if.../ to... • It would help if.../ to... • Steps / Measures should be taken in order to...

2.2. HOW TO PRESENT RESULTS • The effect / result / consequence of...would be... • By doing this, we would... • If..., the result would be...

2.3. The text below is a model of a PROBLEM SOLUTION ESSAY. It should consist of the following parts: a. Introduction - where you describe the problems. Try to capture the reader's attention. b. Main body - different paragraphs where solutions are provided and the expected results are stated. c. Conclusion - where you summarize your views. You should end with a strong call to action and explain what will happen if we don't do our best to solve the problem.

3. Would you rather live in the COUNTRY or in the CITY?

3.1. Privacy and tranquility

3.2. Growing your own food

3.3. Unspoiled spaces

3.4. Peaceful lifestyle

3.5. Better medical facilities

3.6. Better means of transport

3.7. Feeling closer to nature

3.8. Clean air and wildlife

3.9. Low crime rates

3.10. Culture and entertainment

4. How would you describe a place? Which adjectives would you use to describe the place where you live?

4.1. ancient

4.2. interesting

4.3. breathtaking

4.4. bustling

4.5. crowded

4.6. stressful

4.7. amazing

4.8. polluted