A Little Sparkle- a gym for women

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A Little Sparkle- a gym for women by Mind Map: A Little Sparkle- a gym for women

1. Contact

1.1. This page will include the phone number, email, and location of "A Little Sparkle." It will also include the emails of our group fitness instructors, with a little bio about each one. Finally, it will include different membership opportunities and the pricing for each one.

1.1.1. InfoGraphics: Here, I will utilize infographics to present information about the different membership opportunities and their prices efficiently and quickly. Graphic Design and QR Codes: I will use Graphic Design and QR codes to include a flier with all important "A Little Sparkle" information on it, like names of instructors, prices, classes offered, etc.

2. Home

2.1. The home page will give an overview of what is to be expected at "A Little Sparkle." It will contain exciting words and pictures about what we do so that visitors will want to continue learning more about this girl power enthused women's gym.

2.1.1. Screencast: I will create a screencast to allow users to understand how to navigate the website and also use it as a way to touch upon the most important aspects of "A Little Sparkle," the parts that I don't want visitors to miss. Photo Editing: I will use Photo Editing to make pictures of women utilizing our gym on the home page as clear and appealing as possible. I want these pictures to portray the friendly, welcoming, and hard working attitude of "A Little Sparkle." I will also utilize it when creating my logo, which will be present on this page.

3. About

3.1. The About Page will build upon what visitors have learned at the home page. It will include information about the beginning, founders, purpose, and transition of "A Little Sparkle" gym.

3.1.1. Video: I will incorporate a promo video here that allows visitors on the site to "walk through" the gym and see what it is all about. They will also be able to meet members of the gym and hear what they have to say about "A Little Sparkle," Mind Map: I will link my strategic planning Mind Map to this page.

4. Class Schedule

4.1. This page will include all of the group fitness classes offered at "A Little Sparkle" and their times. It will also include a detailed description of each class so that participants know what to expect.

4.1.1. App Prototype: This page will include an app prototype I have designed that allows visitors and members of the gym to quickly and easily access the group fitness class schedule.

5. "A Little Sparkle" Fitness Line

5.1. This page will include information about A Little Sparkle's fitness line, which can be purchased at the location or online at our site.

5.1.1. Social Media: page will include the link to our "A Little Sparkle" Facebook and Instagram page. The Facebook is dedicated to keeping members of "A Little Sparkle" up-to-date with programs going on at the gym, and the Instagram is dedicated to the "A Little Sparkle" Fitness Apparel Line.

6. Pros of Living Fit at "A Little Sparkle"

6.1. This page will include information about all of the mental, physical, and emotional benefits of exercising, in general. It will also provide more information on what makes "A Little Sparkle" so unique.

6.1.1. Google Form: I will create a Google Form for this page, which allows current members, to answer two different surveys. One abut what made them choose "A Little Sparkle" as their go-to gym. The other will be a survey about what "A Little Sparkle can do to improve.

7. Tagline: Discover your inner Diamond at "A Little Sparkle"- Where women don't sweat, they sparkle