Presidents of the United States of America

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Presidents of the United States of America by Mind Map: Presidents of the United States of America

1. About the website and what it has to offer to kids and how it is a fun interactive way to learn about the Presidents of the United States

1.1. Screen Cast Presentation: Will talk about my site and how useful it is in learning about the Presidents.

2. Home

2.1. Basic overview and history of how the presidency came to be. Attention grabbing to interest the kids who come to the site to learn

2.1.1. Digital photo editing and logo: Logo of the website will be used and at the top of each page but will be a main and obvious part of the Home page

2.1.2. Google Form: Allow people to sign up for the website to save progress in the Quiz section and receive more information about the Presidents

3. About

4. The Presidents

4.1. A list of all the presidents that link to basic information about the presidents and fun facts

4.1.1. A page with a list of all the presidents names in order of presidency and each name links to a page about them with fun facts and short biography about their life and presidency

4.1.2. VIdeo: Only a few of the more famous presidents will have a short video that

4.1.3. Info Graphics: Pictures of each of the Presidents on their pages.

5. Quizzes

5.1. Short quizzes on different topics about the presidents

5.1.1. Multiple types of 10 question quizzes that test the audience on what they learned and retained from the site.

5.1.2. App: Create an app so the people who signed up on this website can also take quizzes on their phones.

6. Contact

6.1. Contact information for questions about the websie

6.1.1. QR Code: Users can use it on their phones as well as computers. email address that the users can contact with any questions or concerns

6.1.2. Facebook Page: I will create a facebook page for the people to use that will have random fun facts and links to my website.

7. References

7.1. Info on where the information is coming from and what sources were used

7.1.1. List of all the websites and resources used in creating the site

8. Slogan: Make History Fun Again (Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with my political affiliation)