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Get Them Ready by Mind Map: Get Them Ready

1. Fast Pitch

1.1. show a video practicing a girl how to start the basic things needed to be the best pitcher.

1.1.1. include a video of someone teaching you how to pitch include a social media app to make easy to get the ways to teach as a coach. show pictures and examples.

1.1.2. video

1.2. include logo

2. Teaball

2.1. teach coaches that for kids learning the game for the first time they need to have patience And how fast it is to teach them using this techniques.

2.1.1. video

2.2. include logo

3. baseball

3.1. teach them how to make contact with the ball every time they o up to bat. show them some techniques needed to be the best in the field.

3.1.1. video

3.2. include logo

4. home

4.1. what my website is about. show them pictures of the coaches and tell them where they can find all he information they need. make them know that this website will help all the coaches in the world for baseball how to tech there players in the best way.

4.2. include big logo

4.3. slide show of eaample pictures to grab there attention for more that 15 seconds

5. ground balls

5.1. show them techniques on how they can teach thr players and how to throw.

5.1.1. video

5.2. include logo