The Art of Sketching

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The Art of Sketching by Mind Map: The Art of Sketching

1. Home

1.1. I will describe the purpose of the website. I will also have images to make the page more friendly. I will also attach a survey of some sort to get the audience engaged.

2. About

2.1. I will provided a description of who I am maybe a picture along with it and explain why I choose this topic.

3. Contact

3.1. I will provided information about myself. Some including phone number, email.

4. Stories

4.1. This page allows the audience to engage in the website and let us know what their story. On the very top I will have a description. Under that I will also included a summary of how I started sketching.

4.1.1. " This page will allow you to share your story of your first artwork, or how you love art, or maybe how you feel about others' artwork."

5. Tips

5.1. I will have different techniques, methods and ways to be creative or improve skills.

6. Material

6.1. I will have at top of the page a small quiz type to test knowledge of art materials. I will have images of different art material.

6.1.1. Each image will have a description of what it is used for and how to use it.

7. Artwork

7.1. I will have pictures, primarily of my own artwork. This includes different kinda. I will also included artwork of other people so the audience can see different techniques.

7.1.1. Each picture of the artwork will have descriptions of the artwork