women empowered

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women empowered by Mind Map: women empowered

1. our mission

1.1. Our home page, we will tell the reader who we are, what the plan to do, and why it's so important. (and explain wip means- women in protest, power, politics, and phoenix)

1.1.1. digital photo/logo

2. contact

2.1. Ways to contacts the creators (emails etc)

2.1.1. info graphics

3. our team

3.1. Introduction of who we are, what we want to do, and a bit of a peek into our lives

3.1.1. social media

4. membership

4.1. Explain what the membership includes, gives information on joining and what to expect

4.1.1. google form

5. events

5.1. Schedule of events in which the reader can participate

5.1.1. graphic design qr code

6. how you can help

6.1. Information about how they can play their part in the community

6.1.1. info graphics

7. sories & references

7.1. Stories from women we have helped, or have worked with us in the past

7.1.1. video/animations

8. about

8.1. Helping women claim their power, choice, and voice.

8.1.1. app